Transcript of Kilborn w/ Josh 6/5

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Postby admin » Wed Jun 06, 2001 9:42 pm

>> Duck! Craig: Please welcome, josh hartnett!

[Cheers and applause] craig: Do you know who that was? The walk on music?

>> If you asked me the name, i wouldn't know. Ithes i'm out of it right now. It's ban long week. Craig: It was prince. 'Do me, baby.' From where you are. You're the new hot guy. The new keith ledger

>> I don't know. Craig: You look different.

>> Haircut. I'm doing a movie in africa right now. Craig: This is how you look now. This is how you look at 'pearl harbor' doing the filming of that. That's what we call a split screen.

[Cheers and applause] craig: I think either way is what the girls think is sexy.

>> Do you?

[Cheers and applause] craig: Every night i get that. The screaming. This is to show you how i looked during the filming of 'pearl harbor.'

>> Yes. Craig: And then how i look now.

[Cheers and applause] Craig: Huh? How old are you?

>> I'm 22. Craig: You're a kid.

>> Craig: Do you shave yet?

>> It's the oldest i've ever been. Yeah, i shave a little bit. Craig: It's a big deal when --

>> scandinavians get to shave when they grow up. It rarely happens. You can shave. Congratulations. Craig: When did you first start shaving?

>> I don't know, three or four years ago. Craig: Did you want to shave? They told me you did something silly as 12-year-old.

>> Oh, yeah, when i was a little kid, i tried to draw a goatee on my face. Craig: What did you use?

>> A marker. A sharpee, it kind of stuck for a while. Craig: You wanted to shave that badly?

>> Wanted the goatee. Craig: You wanted the cool look. The media frerns frenzy, this is out of control. You're all over the place.

>> Yeah, the poster. Craig: This is a picture. Normally we ask for a picture of the guest. Rob schneider, we asked for a picture and this is what they gave us. We asked for a picture of josh hartnett and this is what they send up right over here.

[Cheers and applause] craig: Seven feat tall and this is when you know you have arrived.

>> When you've got a big picture of yourself? Craig: Yeah, and when you're on the cover of 'us weekly.' You're on the cover.

[Cheers and applause]

>> right now. Craig: Some people think -- i don't know. Who the hell is it, christina? Britney. It's the josh hartnett cover.

>> Thank you. Craig: You're in the business, right? Let me tell you. She's thinking about you, man. She's driving dreaming about you.

>> There are some bubbles up there. Craig: Are you getting worn out?

>> Yeah, it's been quite a blitz, but it's good, you know. Craig: How was the thing on the boat?

>> The thing on the boat was pretty spectacular. Craig: Whaust walk us through the thing on the boat.

>> We walked through this line, an hour long press line i think the longest ever assembled, literally. This is bigger. Craig: Wig bigger than 'the animal' and --

>> about that. Yeah, so we walked down this press line. My parents were there, my family and friends were there. I dn't see them the entire time because when we wept backstage and we talked to the survivors and we went out and did this whole starting lineup of the 2001 los angeles lakers. Craig: Cuba gooding jr. Hammed it up.

>> He did a little dance. Craig: He likes doing that. How was ben?

>> Ben on the woukout? He was glad to be here. He wanted a cigarette. Craig: All the time. He's smoking all the time. Do you like him?

>> I like ben. Craig: Are you sure? Did he give you advice?

>> No advice, man. Did he try to give you vis advice? Craig: See. You're a little younger and maybe he'd say this is how you did it.

>> Probably said he gave me advice. Craig: Yeah he did, i took him under my wing.

>> Yeah, wise old sage, ben affleck. Craig: What was the one thing he said to you.

>> The one thing he told me was it was going to change my life and here i am on 'the late late show with craig kilborn.'

[Cheers and applause] craig: You're actually, your folks, your dad gave you some advice about this role, didn't he?

>> I wasn't sure ni if i wanted to do it. You know what i mean. I wanted to be in the movie, i just didn't know ni if i wanted all the extra stuff. Craig: What, to be a star?

>> All the press, yeah, i guess so. It's a different kind of thing. I was having a good life doing smaller roles. Craig: So you didn't want to be this -- this big huge movie.

>> Daunting seeing that picture of me over there. Craig: We can rip it up?

>> I don't -- no, that's all right.


>> it's kind of cool, but at the same time it's a little bit daunting. I got used -- used to the idea when we were shooting. Craig: You're 22. Did you want smaller roles and you want bigger roles when you're 27 or 28.

>> I've never had a plan in my life. It just kind of happen. Craig: 'Five questions'?

>> Sure. Craig: Back with josh hartnett and how was kate beckinsale?

>> Oh, she was -- it was tough to do that scene, man. Craig: They're talk about the scene, the steamy scene in the water, right?

>> On the water? There was one in the water and one in the parachute hanger. Craig: Wu which one do you like better?

>> Well, the second one was probably the best, but i would say the one in the water was -- it was actually, kate doesn't spend a lot of time in the ocean. If she comes on the show she can tell you better. She's from london. Water around london, not a lot. She just didn't know what to do and there was a shark scare while we were in the water and there was -- it was kind of -- craig: That means she has to homede hold on to you or tighter? She's scared?

>> No, i was holden on to her, almost drowning her. It was a good time, man.

[L craig: God it -- got it. You enjoyed it. Did you just go there for a moment?

>> Ah. Craig: You were trying to steal ben's girl, right?

>> You know, ben's girl, my girl. It's all kind of the same thing. Craig: By the way, you are from minnesota.

>> Yeah. Craig: I know that all of us from minnesota are vikings fans. Although, i don't like talking about it. They disappoint us so much.

>> I'm not sure they will ever win a super bowl. Aig: They will not. They're just here to disappoint and keep e. Keep us umm humble. We've got great lives. We're winners. They're not. They have a lot of talent, but they lose.

>> Disappoint us every year, but god, how can you be 16-1 years ago and not even make it to the super bowl. Right here, guys. A little chokey choke.

>> Maybe one of these days. Craig: Big a new team?

>> Out of any of them? Ia. I'm sticking with the vikings. Craig: Time for 'five questions.' Here we go.

[Cheers and applause] craig: Here we go. Geography, the common loan is what state's bird?

>> Minnesota. Craig: That is correct. When i used to flipburgers at the king, what did they make me wear because i refused t shave my head?

>> Oh, god, a hair net.

[Applause] craig: What's a bigger bombing, the actual pearl harbor attack or the actual movie 'town & country'?

>>, I'd have to go with prl harbor? Craig: Sure. We'll accept that. What alcohol would i find agave?

>> Agave? Craig: You just turned 21 a year ago so you don't drink that much, do you?

>> No, i never drink. I drink beer. It's always hams. I love them. Maybe i'll get a case by for that. Craig: I'll get it. Do you know?

>> At the -- no, i don't. Craig: It's tequila.

>> I lost one. Craig: He just started shaving. Rapid fire. Name five jared leto movies in five seconds. Craig: Start the clock, please. Do you want to know something?

>> Good. Craig: That is correct right there.

[Cheers and applause] craig: That was good. Ia either.

>> That's all right. Craig: Congratulation on your success

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Postby Madoline » Thu Jun 07, 2001 6:26 pm

hes not much of a talker is he. Thats alright when you look that good, you dont need to talk. hehehe.

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Postby Katie » Thu Jun 07, 2001 6:27 pm

okay my favorite thing.....he drew on a goatee...that is so cute.

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