Josh Hartnett On Tonight Show 2/22 Transcript

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Postby admin » Sat Feb 23, 2002 3:42 am

My first guest, a very talented actor and his new movie is '40 days and 40 nights' please welcome josh hartnett. (Cheers and applause)

>>jay: Her, buddy. How you been? (Applause)

>>jay: Have a seat.

>> Thanks, man.

>> (Loud cheering)

>> thanks a lot.

>>Jay: You have some fans. Good to see you.

>> They're here to see the goo goo dolls, I think.

>>Jay: I imagine you are an olympic guy. Do you do the winter sports?

>> Yeah, but I was in japan for a while because of the jet lag, I could only watch it like at 4:00 in the morning. But, yeah. I have been watching. I guess the skeletongigirls are here, which is cool yeah. Watching all the winter events. I like to snowboard myself.

>>Jay: Are you a good snowboarder?

>> No. Not at all. But I try. And that's the most important thing. You know? So it's not whether you win or lose --

>>jay: How you snowboard. Were you a thrill seeker kid? Did you take chances on ice and things like that when you were younger?

>> Yes, I did. There was another winter sport back in minnesota that I don't know if it's legal or illegal. It's not really -- those terms don't ait's kind of a -- the lakes freeze over in minnesota and so like really thick. So we'd take our cars when we were like 16 and drive around and try to spin as much as we could, get going really fast and a buddy had a really car that his parents gave him, rich kid. And so we used to just beat the crap out of his car. And it was a lot of fun. It was cool. Never got caught, but now I am sure i am in trouble.

>>Jay: You never went through at ice?

>> It's thick. You see guys fishing.

>>Jay: Do you like ice fishing?

>> I've only been once. My friends swearby it. Llll stick on the summertime pishing.

>>Jay: Yeah, sitting on the ice.

>> You might as well play the little games, stick the ball in the fish's mouth and pull him out.

>>Jay: But also make the hole bigger than the fish. Otherwise it's bad. That's an ice fishing tip. We'll take a break and more with josh after this.

>> Cool.

>>Jay: Welcome. Talking with josh hartnett. So you live in minnesota, you got a house is

>> yeah, I have a house and a colony of bats.

>>Jay: You have bats in your house? Do you clearegularly? Why you have bats?

>> Lno, I don't really clean. But it's not. That they live in the attic. You can't get them.

>>Jay: You go up there.

>> It's enclosed. It's like in the -- I forget what I call them but where the windows jet out of the roof. You know what I'm talking about.

>>Jay: Like a gable.

>> Whatever it's cald but there are bats in the ceiling anand you can't get them out. So there's a colony of bats that come down in the house. They'd fly down by the chimney and end up spending the night in the house.

>>Jay: I always found when I was single and I brought girls over and there were bats in the house, they didn't like that.

>> But I have a girlfriend who is pretty understanding.

>>Jay: She is understanding about bats this the house-- in the house. I read yoused to work at the mall of america and I don't know why I find that funny.

>> It was terrible. I sold pencils and t-shirts that said, 'mall of america.'

>>Jay: Were you behind the counter?

>> I was in a shop. I wasn't walking around hawk 'em with a tin cup.

>>Jay: You don't seem look a sales person to me. You seem like a quiet guy. So I come in the store. Sell me a t-shirt.

>>Rere you sure you want to buy something here?

>>Jay: Very good. How long did you last?

>> The manager never came around so it was cool and the manager was a good friend of mine. I was gonna get kick out of my house if i didn't get a job because I was lazy and it was the year before I went to college and my parents gave me a week it get a job and my friend hired me.

>>Jay: Well, tell us about the movie. Because of the olympics I didn't get to see this one.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>>Jay: You know I see all your films. Don't give me the smirk.

>> It's called '40 days and 40 nights' and it is about a guy who gives up sex and all things sex-like for lint.

>>Jay: Is this an autobiography?

>> They had applause for giving up sex.

>>Jay: W w do you prepare for a role like this?

>> Strict method, man. It's like -- as they say at the actor's studio, you have to learn how to be the man, be the part. I actually did take the vow that he takes for about two and a half weeks.

>>Jay: Half a lint.

>> Not even, but close.

>>Jay: You're catholic, right?

>> I grew up catholic.

>>Jay: Were you an altar baez a kid?

>> I was, which is a little bit strange. We had funerals that we would -- I mean, it's a terrible thing but we had funerals all the time at our church, only and they would be during the school day, which is great for the altar boys because we got out of school. And to go to a funeral. What is more fun?

>> We didn't think of the ramifications about it. We got out of school and got $5.

>>Jay: You got paid! And now, you have sexy scenes in this movie. Is it the first time you've had xyxy scenes in a movie?

>> All of my scenes are sexy, jay. (Audience hoots)

>>jay: You're gonna regret that. Somebody's gonna pull that out.

>> My buddies are gonna smack me around.

>>Jay: How about your mom?

>> My mom is not gonna see this. This movie sent for mom.

>>Mike: A little bit embarrassing?

>> The whole movie was, but that's the point.

>>Jay: What is the scene we argonna see?

>> I am talking to my brother who is a seminaryand he is wavering on his own vow that he took and I'm losing my cool right now because it's all getting to me.

>>Jay: Let's take a look.

>> Yesterday was fine. I mean, physically speaking, I was fine. But today ... I'm not fine. This morning at the coffee shop they were unofficially sponsoring hot women wearing no bras. Hot, hot women. There re 48 breasts at the cafe this morning.

I know this fades. It passes. (Cheers and applause) terrific. The movie opens on march 1 and can you stick around for the olympians?

>> Of course.

>>Jay: We'll be back with the olympic medalists right after this. (Applause)

>>jay: All right. So far american athletes have won 30 medals, 3 of them here tonight. Almost 10 percent of the olympians are here. From women's , tristan gale and lea ann parsley and from speedskating, 2-time bronze medalist, jennifer rodriguez. Come on out here, guys. (Applause) theme theme

(theme playing)

>>jay: Congratulations. Y'all meet josh.

>> Tristan did.

>> Oh, you did? Yes.

>> Backstage I got to hold the --

>> this!

>>Jay: Be sure to clear it up.

>> I almost fell out of the chair am for all you girls, I was like, 'hi. My name's tristan.' And then she said 'do u u want to hold it?'

>> I didn't mean it like that.

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Postby sue » Sat Feb 23, 2002 6:53 pm

Thanks Admin

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