Josh Harnett On David Letterman Thursday

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our next guest is a talented actor starring in a brand-new film entitled 'black hawk down.' It opens nationwide on friday. Here's josh hartnett. ( Applause ) ( band playing ) how's it going?

>> It's going good.

>> Dave: You're from minnesota, is that what i remember?

>> Yes. Yes.

>> Dave: Do you still live in minnesota?

>> I do, actually, yeah. Yeah.

>> Dave: How can you be, like, a big-time movie star and also live in minnesota? ( Laughter )

>> well, you don't get all that big-time living in minnesota. You just kind of end up like me.

>> Dave: Ah, now, come on.

>> No, but it's good, you know. I don't know, I like it better than i liked living in l.A.

>> Dave: So you went to los angeles for a while?

>> I lived in los angeles for about a year and it wasn't really my kind of place. I don't know.

>> Dave: Really? So you go out there and in a year you establish yourself as a movie star and then u u move back to minnesota? That's remarkable, really. ( Laughter )

>> it wasn't that easy, but you know, I saw you, i think, like, about a year and half after i first moved out to l.A., And i don't know, right around that time i just kind of got sick of it and moved back home.

>> Dave: Really? ( Laughter ) ( applause ) wow. What about it didn't you take to? What was wrong with the circumstance?

>> Well, it's just, you know, it's one of those places where you have to drive for an hour and a half to get anywhere. I like it here, you know, where you're a block away from where you buy your groceries. You can do anything without having to drive in the car for two hours.

>> Dave: Did you live by yourself? Did you live... Your family didn't go with you, I guess, right?

>> No. Yeah, I lived by myself.

>> Dave: So that might have been part of it. Were you lonely?

>> Yeah, i think that was the biggest thing. I was really lonely.

>> Dave: Yeah. What kind of place did you have?

>> Actually, you know what? I was living in a little cabin up in laurel canyon. I don't know if anybody here is from l.A., But...

>> Dave: I used to. As a matter of fact, i used to live up in laurel canyon.

>> Oh, did you really?

>> Dave: In a very small place.

>> Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. I lived in this little place. ( Laughter )

>> dave: It's true. True story.

>> Yeah. Well, this one had 97 steps going up to it, which was pretty crazy.

>> Dave: Mine did, too. Yeah. ( Laughter ) mine was actually, like, built up and it was red on the outside and built up over what, I guess, probably at one point had been a garage, and you went up all of these steps to the outside and went in that way.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Dave: It was like somebody's guest house, and i was living in there. But I didn't know the people. I was just renting it. ( Laughter )

>> yeah, okay. Yeah. It was kind of similar to that, but we didn't have a big house in front. It was just a guest house.

>> Dave: I didn't have a big house in front, either.

>> Oh, yeah?

>> Dave: It was built up over something that might have been a garage.

>> Oh, might have been at one pot, okay.

>> Dave: But it wasn't, really.

>> Yeah. ( Laughter ) ( applause ) what were we talking about?

>> Dave: We're talking about your house in laurel canyon.

>> Okay. Yeah, so i... You know, this place had railroad ties that were the steps that went all the way up. And I actually lived there for a while, but i kind of... The biggest reason that I got out of l.A. Was because i almost died in that house.

>> Dave: Really?

>> Yes.

>> Dave: My goodness. What happened?

>> Well, it was...

>> Dave: Bobcat? ( Laughter )

>> no. The bobcats left me alone, which was nice. But there was A... My landlord at the time decided to put in a gas fireplace.

>> Dave: Oh, that's nice.

>> Yeah, it was great, except he didn't realize that you're supposed to have ventilation for a gas fireplace. And he also didn't realize that you're supposed to put two layers of fire bricks in beneath the fireplace. So he put one layer of fire bricks in and he didn't put any ventilation in, and I'm slowly killing myself with, you know, with suffocation.

>> Dave: So you've got a gas leak 24 hours a day, is that what it was?

>> Exactly, yeah. And so i kept opening the windows thinking, 'oh, god, I'm really tired in here. I just... I ne some fresh air.' ( Laughter )

>>>> dave: Headaches, that kind of thing?

>> Headaches, yeah. I thought it was just, you know, I had mono or something. ( Laughter ) and it turned out that i was just slowly, you know, killing myself.

>> Dave: You were being asphyxiated.

>> Basically.

>> Dave: Yeah. So how did you finally determine what was going on?

>> Well, we had a fire. ( Laughter )

>> dave: Wow. Man. ( Applause ) you are lucky to be alive.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: And it was shortly thereafter that you moved home?

>> Well, yeah. I mean, well, first of all, the firemen came up and there was a little smoldering fire underneath the fireplace, because he only put that one layer of fire bricks in. And you know, since those firemen came up and drug me out of bed, and I was kind of, you know, half dead at that point, and they said... ( Ugughter ) I mean, literally, it was pretty scary. And these guys said, you know, 'you're lucky to be alive.' And I was, like, 'oh, great, whatever.' So the guy, the... ( Laughter ) I mean, you know, I was very thankful, but, you know, i don't know how to recreate that right now. ( Laughter ) and so the... The landlord came back up and he plugged off the gas line.

>> Dave: Thank god.

>> He didn't turn off the gas.

>> Dave: Oh.

>> So it slowly leaked back out again, and i kept sleeping in and sleeping in, and kept opopening the windows again. And I was, 'man, this is kind of familiar. What's happening?' ( Laughter ) and so i got out of there. I just left, and i never got my safety deposit back. ( Laughter )

>> dave: Well, now, here's what happened to me. This is kind of a funny story.

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: It wasn't life- threatening, but there was always, like, an extra phone jack in my house. And I kept thinking, 'why is there an extra phone jack, because I got my own phone jacked into my own phone jack over here?' So one day, just for the heck of it, I jacked it into the other phone jack, and it turned out it was an extsision to the main number at the big house.

>> Oh, really?

>> Dave: Yeah. So i could pick it up and listen to conversations.

>> Nice. ( Laughter )

>> dave: And from that moment on, I phoned free the rest of the time i was there. ( Laughter and applause )

>> that's great.

>> Dave: Yeah, thank you. Now, do you... Were you in school? Did you go to college while you were being a movie star and stuff, or did you... How did that work?

>> No, being a movie star was kind of a full-time deal.

>> Dave: ( Laughs )

>> no, it wasn't... It wasn't actually i was just doing a tv show at the time.

>> Dave: What was the tv show?

>> It was a tv show called 'cracker.' It was on abc. It didn't work out all that well. ( Laughter ) it went under.

>> Dave: What was it about?

>> It was about a guy who kind of cracked cas he was a criminal psychologist.

>> Davere you cracker?

>> I was not the cracker. ( Laughter ) I was the son of the cracker.

>> Dave: Oh, i see. ( Laughter )

>> yeah, it was about white guys growing up in the 'hood. ( Laughter )

>> dave: I'm surprised that didn't work. ( Applause ) so this movie is really something, isn't it? This is a powerful, gripping, based on the book, based on a true story, really.

>> Yeah. Based on mark bowden's book.

>> Dave: And your part in the film is?

>> I play a guy named matt eversmann. He's a staff sergeant and it's his first time kind of in charge of a group of people.

>> Dave: And it's set in somalia.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: And it's a red cross trying to distribute food.

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: And the conflict that stems from all of that.

>> Yeah. It was really a strange situation because, you know, the u.N. Was in there with the peacekeeping and the giving out of food, and then a lot of trouble arose from one of the stronger warlords over there. And then we were called in to be the muscle, and then things just got messy.

>> Dave: Just went haywire. But things were really... I mean, it's a horrible circumstance. I mean, I think in the beginning of the film it indicates that by the time the marines got there, or the rangers, 300,000 people had been starved to death.

>> Yes, yes. That was tririble.

>> Dave: Let's take a look at a little bit of a clip here. Where was this filmed, by the way?

>> We were filming in morocco, rabat-- just outside of rabat in this kind of really terrible part called sale.

Dave: All right. And what are we going to see?

>> Well, this is before I go out, i think, before we go out on the mission, and I'm talking with another soldier, an older soldier about what it must be like to be in the middle of battle.

>> Dave: Okay, here we go. 'Black hawk down.'

>> You know, it's kind of funny. Beautiful beach, beautiful sun-- it could almost be a good place to visit.

>> Almost.

>> You don't think we should be here?

>> You know what i think? It doesn't really matter what i think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that just goes right out the window.

>> I just want to do it right today.

>> Just watch your corner. Get all your men back here alive.

>> Dave: There you go. ( Applause ) there you go. It's quite a piece of work. And it opened in some areas, and now it's opening nationwide january 18?

>> Yes, yeah.

>> Dave: Well, i'm sure it'll be an enormous success. It's quite a film. Nice to see you again, josh.

>> Thanks a lot. It's nice to see you, too. ( Apapplause )

>> dave: Thank you very much. Congratulations. Josh hartnett

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