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Shakira interview on the TOTP website
Read a full interview with Shakira on the Top of the Pops website. She talks about the success of WW, the new single in the UK UYC, and why she has a good feeling about Objection been her third single.

I think this means they will soon enough air her performance(s) of UYC, so be on the lookout. TOTP airs here in the US on BBC America Saturdays @7pm (est) and most of the times they repeat it on Mondays @4pm (est)

Columbian cutie pie Shakira gives us the goss about her new single, backstage at TOTP. Check it out...

TOTP: How was your journey here to the UK?

Shakira: I was just saying a minute ago that I didn't sleep at all, I had jet lag and my stamina is not at its best, but the crowd does it for me. They were a great crowd and I feel good!

TOTP: The track 'Whenever Wherever' was a massive hit throughout Europe, were you suprised at how successful the record became, or did you know as soon as it was released that it was going to be huge?

Shakira: Well, I'm kind of an optimistic person and I worked on this project expecting that I could obtain good results in terms of success, but the moment that I realised that this could be something beyond my expectations was an afternoon sitting in Tommy Mottola's office. I played the record to him and watched him jump up and down on his chair. I said to myself: "Oh my God Shakira, be ready because this could be something really big!"

TOTP: You've got a new record which is coming out in Britain that's called 'Underneath Your Clothes'. What's it about?

Shakira: It's about love, it's about the love that transcends the skin, fashion and the whole external appearence of someone. Loving everything about a person, not just on the outside. It's difficult because when I'm writing I'm just obeying a need and not calculating my words or the power of my words, I'm just trying to be faithful to what I am feeling at that particular moment.

TOTP: Well you're having a lot of success and the fans love you around the world and particularly your image. In a lot of polls you have been voted one of the sexiest women in the world. How do you feel about that?

Shakira: (Laughs) Well, the people who consider me as sexy is probably because they haven't seen me at 4am with no make-up, after coming off a plane! I don't know, I think that there are moments in every women's life that she considers herself to be sexier than others.

TOTP: You have one more record that follows 'Underneath Your Clothes' called 'Rejection'. Could you tell us briefly about that?

Shakira: This is actually the first song I wrote for this album and the first song I have ever written in English. This is going to sound a little mystical but I really have a special feeling towards this song. The day I wrote it I was asking God if he would send me an answer if I was really called to do this project, to do the famous cross-over thing. So I tell him ok, if you want me to do this send me a song now, and that's what happened. I wrote the music and lyrics at the same time, it really is something special for me.


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