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Feb, 2001

SHAKIRA.(Latin singer/songwriter)(Brief Article)(Interview)

Author/s: Ernesto Lechner


Thanks to her memorable hooks, gorgeous looks, and impromptu belly-dancing sessions (her father's of Lebanese heritage), 24-year-old singer-songwriter Shakira is currently the most popular Latin female singer in all of the Americas. The Colombian rocker anchors her crackling anthems on the fuzzy sounds of a cranked-up guitar and her gutsy vocals: no smoothed-out synths or Swiss beats for her.

'Technology scares me,' she admits. 'We live surrounded by a battalion of sounds, engaged in ostentatious displays of new recording techniques. But, to me, the fundamental essence of a song lies in the melody and the lyrics.'

Now recording her debut English-language album, Shakira has imposed a regimen of austerity in the studio. 'I told my musicians: We're not using the full palette this time around. We only have five basic colors to play with.' Expect the lyrics to focus on romance. Shakira is currently enjoying a passionate relationship with Antonio De Ia Rua, the Argentinian president's son. 'Seven months ago, I was feeling jaded, like an old lady,' she says. 'Being in love has made me feel young again.'

Ernesto Lechner is a frequent Interview contributor.

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