Shakira-BRAND NEW Pepsi Commercial in April!

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Postby Miss Moon » Tue Mar 05, 2002 4:50 pm

Here is an excerpt from the Wade Robson newsletter for 2/14/02:

From : 'Wade Robson' <>

To :

Subject : Is Wade working with Shakira???

Date : 24 Feb 2002 01:09:57 -0000 OFFICIAL FAN CLUB Newsletter

Weekly Update

In last weeks newsletter we talked about Wade's interest in directing TV and films. I think you all did some good finger crossing…He booked his first job as a director for a Pepsi commercial. It is with the sexy Latin artist, Shakira. They were supposed to film the commercial this week, but it was postponed till April. Shakira just has way too much going on.

Wade is still meeting with film studios everyday pitching his ideas for a musical he wrote… A company by the name 'Jersey Films', which is Danny Devito's film company, has agreed to fund wade's short film. We will let you know more about the process in the next couple of weeks.

Guess what girls? Wade is starting to look good. He is still in the gym everyday; the Jansport photo shoot is coming up in March so he is working hard.

Wade and his sister Chantal had a party at wade's house this week for one of the N'sync dancers, Diana Carreno. There were more people than they expected, but they had fun. Wade was a good boy and didn't touch any of the junk food.

Well, thank you for coming back to the site over and over again. Keep looking for all the new changes. Check out his master classes at Millennium Dance Complex. Wade is also teaching a 5-hour dance seminar. Call Millennium and reserve your place now.


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