Mode Maiden: How Depeche got Shakira hot 'n' bothered

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Mode Maiden: How Depeche got Shakira hot 'n' bothered
Getting Stoned on Fine Colombian Is Cool... First things first: Having a magazine tell you what's cool probably isn't. Luckily, what's coolest for Rolling Stone's annual hipness-hall-of-fame issue is also hot-hot-hot. Namely, comely Colombian singer Shakira, who brings an adventurous command of English along with her formidable Latin-rock-music and dance chops. Shakira says she's not trying to conquer America: 'I come to seduce, which is different.' Whatever, babe--we surrender. 'Colombia is not how people think it is. We used to eat fish every Sunday at the beach. In the town where I grew up, people did not tell lies.' Riiiiight. She also recalls that back when she was 12, she found her rock 'n' roll calling listening to Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the Silence,' telling her mother she felt 'something so overwhelming every time I listen to that guitar solo.' Of course, that could have just been indigestion from all that fish at the beach.

source: E!

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