Shakira On TRL Transcript 3/25

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Carson: All right. Retiring nsync with 'girlfriend' featuring nelly. My next guest crossed over would be an understatement please welcome back to the program the one and only shakira.

Carson: Very nice. Nice sort of shall. All right. How are you, shakira? Hello.

>> Hello.

Carson: How are you.

>> Good.

Carson: Always good to have you on the show.

>> How are you doin'

Carson: Come on. Oh, boy welcome back traveling like crazy right.

>> Yeah, a lot. I love you, too!

Carson: Let's all take a second and congratulate we have stats here se columbia, you double platinum now, congratulations, that's incredible.

>> Thank you.

Carson: New no. 1 album and single over europe. You were in switzerland, france, germany, everywhere.

>> Italy, england, yeah it was a very long tour but you know a promotional tour still but it was fun and a lot of work but it was --.

Carson: Where was your favorite place to go? Do you actually have a second to enjoy that or is it just nuts?

>> Well, i didn't have that much time, you know to have sightseeings and that kind of thing. Uhm, it was basically, uhm, just time reserved for interviews andhohoto sessions and this kind of stuff. But, uhm, i don't know, i think, uhm.

Carson: Where were you received the best over in europe, who just goes crazy like the germans do they go nuts when you walk out ur your hotel

Carson: Italians, jamaicans?

>> It is quite a surprise, quite a surprise to me to go back to europe and to find, uhm, such a -- such positive response from -- from --.

Carson: You didn't know you loved them as much as they di

>> i didn't know my music was so welcomed.

Carson: I think one of the reasons that is because we know you here for the album being very produced, very high energy. Especially in south america, you are known for like when we hear the song the one you are about to do it sounds folky, maybe countrysque but some of your early stuff was like that right.

>> Some of my early stuff was more acoustic but i just wanted this album to be a more electric, not electronic but full of electric sounds so, uhm, but i always enjoy, just goin' back to basics and

[inaudible] a guitar and doin' -- taking my music to its simpleest form.

Carson: How do you play with all those rings on?

>> I have to get rid of some of them has, has.

Carson: And your tour, when can we see you here in the united states of america, the greatest country in the world!

>> i have the impression you are american, right.

Carson: Very patriotic. I think your shall.

>> That's good.

Carson: You have a tour this fall?

>> We will put together a tour at the end of this year at the beginning of the next one.

Carson: It will be acoustic and plugged in and --

>> my music tends to -- to sound a little more rock 'n roll oriented once i play it live. For some reason.

Carson: Right.

>> It sounds more pop in my records but life is just, i don't know, just pure energy and electric guitars and --

Carson: How do you feel?

>> Huh.

Carson: How do you feel.

>> Great.

Carson: You look great.

>> Thank you. You, too.

Carson: Thank you. How is your spanish by the way i haven't worked on it it is horrible. I got this whole cervesa, por favor, a kie.

>> The most important thing.

Carson: Have you done this a lot on t.V.? I love this version of the song, it is very cool, very stripped down and raw.

>> We worked on this acoustic version because i was missing that -- thatu uhm,, you know that.

Carson: Simple sort of vibe.

>> Simplicity is always the best way to go, you know. And, uhm, i just wanted to go back to that, the old times, you know.

Carson: You'll do it for us here when we get back shakira performs the acoustic version of 'underneath your clothes' and we'll put her through the ringer and ask her a few questions. Doesn't she look great on t.V. You are watchin' mtv's trl and the top 10 for monday. We'll be right back, live in new york.

Carson: Welcome back, hangin' out with the lovely shakira, about to perform an acoustic version of her song as the crowd outside waits 'laundry service' went double platinum and makin' our way through monday's top 10, a full oscar week. Check this out, she doesn't know i have this. Can you see this? Shakira, look at the t.V..

>> Ha-ha.

Carson: What were you thinkin' there, a little underman.

>> The only chance you'll see me posing like that.

Carson: This isn't out yet, the latest issue of sha require ra on the cover of 'rolling stone'.

>> Thank you.

Carson: We have a minute on the clock or 30 seconds whatever the hell it is. I'll ask you questions, you don't have to think but blurt them out a we get to know you better. How much tile do we have for this, 30 seconds? Here is the ringer with shakira what famous person do you have a crush on.

>> I had or have.

Carson: Either.

>> Uhm, i remember the first one was john travolta then

Carson: Okay, good. All right. What's underneath your clothes?

>> Uhhhh, a heart.

[Crowd simultaneously] ahhh.

Carson: A better answer is ---- nada

Carson: What is, ha-ha, the spanish word for sexy.

>> Sexy.

Carson: That's it

Carson: Hold on, hold on i'm not done. One word yew to describe yourself?

>> Hmmm, contradiction.

Carson: Okay, nice, 'laundry service'

Carson: A nickname your friends call you the most?

>> Hmm, sha, shaki, shakakan, shakarita.

Carson: Real quick, where were you last night at midnight and what were you doing.

>> That's, uhm, classified information

>> nah. I was in my hotel room i'm a good girl.

Carson: Look at that camera right there and ask brad pith to come on trl.

>> Should i?

Carson: Yeah, will you. A fun place. Are you havin' fun with it, tell him it was nice.

>> Brad pith, bien trl with latin passion.

Carson: You'll perform in a second

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