Shakira interview with BBC

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Shakira chats to Jamie Theakston
Updated 05 Apr 2002

After scoring chart success with Whenever, Wherever, Shakira looks set to continue the Latin dominance of the Top 40 with her combination of pan pipes and dance music. Whilst in the UK she came to chat to Jamie about her success and what can only be described as some of the strangest lyrics in pop. Here are some of the highlights from the interview...

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Two of the biggest selling singles of the year so far have been from Latin singers - you and Enrique Iglesias . Is this a Latin invasion?
Shakira: I think to be Latin now is kind of a hip thing. It was not that way before, maybe 20 years ago. However, there were people like Gloria Estefan who helped open doors for people like me. Anyway, my music is not typically Latin. I don't feel part of a movement.

It's not like Ricky Martin...
Shakira: I think his sound is based a little more on Latin sounds than mine.

Am I right in thinking Gloria Estefan did the translations on your songs?
Shakira: I invited her to participate in the translation of the song (Whenever, Wherever). It was written originally in Spanish and translated into English.

The line 'lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains' - I thought it might be something to do with the translation?
Shakira: I take the blame for that. That's how it is in Spanish and English. If I do it in Chinese it will be the same.

Are you not happy with your breasts?
Shakira: In any woman's life there's a moment when we stand in front of a mirror and we're not happy. It might be when we're 32 and we think about what it will be like being 36, or when we're 36 we might think of being younger. We're never content with the way we are and the way we look. But, if you start loving yourself the way you are, and accepting yourself the way you are, your outlook totally changes.

Your song didn't get to number one because of Pop Idol . Are you familiar with the Pop Idol thing that's been going on over here?
Shakira: I've read about it. They have this kind of show for young talent in different countries. I think they're about to develop it in Columbia. I don't know the participants in the UK, but I was in Spain recently and I was invited to their version of the show. They were talented people.

In another song on your album 'The One', you say that you shave your legs as a reward to your lover. Do you leave them hairy if you have a row?
Shakira: When there's nobody around women are not too worried about shaving!

So you let yourself go a little bit?
Shakira: A little bit. Not like a cave woman, but I think that the best excuse for shaving, or waxing which is more painful, is men.

Like a Brazilian - do they have a Colombian?
Shakira: I'm not going to go into those subjects with you! That's girl talk.

That's probably sensible. Have you shaved you legs or are you hairy at the moment?
Shakira: Shaved.

What kind of music influenced you when you were younger?
Shakira: As I was born in Columbia, I grew up listening to some of the authentic Colombian music, but also as I'm half Lebanese I was also into Arabic music.

The other thing I noticed was that the pan pipes have reappeared in pop music.
Shakira: It's my fault. As a musician if you're not very careful about how you record these sounds it becomes cheesy. That's why I brought the real musicians to do it, and to do it in the right way.

We're running out of time, it's been a pleasure to have you on the show. What's next for you?
Shakira: A world-wide tour. Hopefully I'll be over here, but it's up to you guys. I'm counting the days until I get back onstage again.

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They seem obsessed with her legs!! Lol. Thanks, that was interesting!!

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