Julie from Real World New Orleans-Shaki Fan!

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Postby Miss Moon » Tue Apr 16, 2002 6:29 pm

Julie from Real World New Orleans-Shaki Fan!
Sometime I visit Julie's site or Melissa's...they have the most hilarious journal entries I ever read...sometimes it's better than a book!

I just went to Julie's site and this is her latest journal entry:

tax day
So I have decided that if I ever had to make-out with a woman, it would be shakira. With dark hair. That chick is just sexy. Her new video is so good.

TOmorrow is 3-11 and goldfinger. I havn't been to a big show in a while, so it will be fun...

PS - I'm not at all gay though, just for the record...


Yeah! More Shakira Fans in the world...

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