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Postby Miss Moon » Mon Apr 29, 2002 4:20 pm

Down Under, Concert announced - This past week Shakira performed 'Whenever, Wherever' at the Australian Logies Awards. After her performance, Shakira met with fans. Unfortunately most of them were not able to see her because there was a bit of Money Grabbing in Australia. Finally, Shakira will perform at the 'Today' show's summer concert series in New York's Rockefeller Center on May 31st.

Here is the Money Grabbing in Australia article:

By Russel Gould of the Herald Sun

DISTRAUGHT fans of pop sensation Shakira were turned away yesterday because they couldn't afford to buy her CD.

About 3000 people turned out to see the Colombian star at the Virgin Megastore in Chapel Street, Melbourne.

But on their arrival people were told they needed a receipt proving they had bought a CD before they could join the queue.

Kelly Dean and her family had come all the way from Shepparton and burst into tears when she told her two daughters they couldn't see their favourite singer.

'My kids are shattered and I'm really angry,' she said. 'There was nothing on any sign or any advertisement that said you had to buy a CD to see her.'

Mrs Dean said her girls -- Madison, 10, and Emily, 5 -- had packed their bag on Monday for the trip, bringing with them a teddy bear for Shakira to sign.

But an upset Mrs Dean said they could not afford the $30 for a CD: 'We're dirt poor and to have to pay just to line up and see someone, to try and get something signed, that's just unfair.

'The sign we saw said public appearance. Now my kids are crying and it has completely ruined our whole day.'

A small leaflet available inside the store said a CD purchase was necessary for an autograph.

But only 500 or so of the crowd who lined up got to see the star, leaving the rest, including many who had bought the CD, angry.

One fan spent more than $70 but after lining up for two hours was told he would not get to see her.

'It's false advertising. They make you buy the CD from them and still you don't get what you were told you would,' he said.

Both Virgin and Sony, Shakira's record company, denied responsibility, each saying the event was controlled by the other.

Some fans, however, did leave happy. Maysana, Elena and Isabella were some of the first to meet the singer and said it was worth the wait.

'She touched our hair,' said Maysana, 14. 'We got up at 5 this morning to get here on time. It was so exciting.'


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