Alicia Keys On TRL Monday

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Carson: Our next guest began in music when most of us were learning to tie our shoes, five grammys, two soul train records, two billboard awards and a v.M.A. And who knows what else. Please welcome the one and only alicia keys.


Carson: This girl is treekin' out. Come say hi to everybody outside. Alicia is here and the premiere of her new video 'how come you don't call me' which we'll talk about in a second. I haven't even talked to you since the grammys, let's go back for a second, five, i mean that is sick. New artist, song, the whole nine yards. When you got the first one


Alicia: thank you. Thank you.

Carson: Listen, when you got the first one were you like oh, yeah i'm cleanin' house tonight.

Alicia: No, not even a little bit that's in the even what i was thinking. I couldn't believe the first two i found out about were the pre-telecast.

Carson: They one even on the show.

Alicia: Right! I was like what?! I don't even have to worry about anything it's an easy night it was just you know to even get that before you got there was like, i mean it's nothin' to worry about for me it's just all about everybody right here and performin'


Alicia: and it's y'all. Thank you!


Alicia: thank you.

Carson: They are all in a tizzy brad pitt confirmed he will be on the show


Carson: He called in earlier at the top of the show and said he was comin'.

Alicia: Man, that's bangin'.

Carson: Pretty cool, right. Aside from your record selling like 10 million copies, i think now and the grammys, what other -- what else has happened, have you met anybody that you freaked out over the way they do you, have you played with anybody? Was it the show maybe at radio city, what's another highlight.

Alicia: Man, numerous highlights definitely the show at show at radio city was crazy, crazy!


Alicia: thank you. I mean, being' home and bein' able to perform at home at aples i've always passed by my whole entire life and sayin'


Alicia: sayin' exactly.

Carson: Spelled wrong.

Alicia: Probably but it was good. I was able to actually meet stevie wonder the other day actually during the grammys i was able to meet him and spoke to him and he asked me what song i wanted him to play. I was like, ummm


Alicia: of course i couldn't think of anything i know all of his songs and i was drawin' a blank it was really the bomb and like 3 days ago i was able to jam on stage with prince!


Carson: How did that go?

Alicia: Wow! Wow!


Alicia: so, i was -- that was it.

Carson: How you did find prince. We had him on this show. We didn't hit it off well, we had a few issues. He is left of center, a great guy but a little left of center.

Alicia: He's very, very his own person and not scared to be his own person. I really admire that about him.

Carson: He doesn't believe in time. We have to watch this video. No, literally a good thing. We have to play this we are running long i wanted to chat with you do you want us to know anything about it.

Alicia: This is 'triumph of love', speakin' of prince, off the chain big 'up to my man mike epps you'll see why. You know the situation of when you really want a person to call you and things are goin' a little funny so that's what this video is about.


Alicia: and one of the hottest parts of the video. -- Thank you y'all, see they feel me.

Carson: Yes.

Alicia: One of the hot-- hardest parts of the video half-way through the video we flipped it and switched live so a different flow.

Carson: Let's watch the world premiere of alicia keys 'how come you don't call me' here it is on trl. Enjoy it

Alicia: Csoson: The girls are goin' yeah! The world premiere from alicia keys.

Alicia: Thank you, y'all.

Carson: 'How come you don't call me'. You know how to vote for the video. I founds out this is your first time, a trl virgin.

Alicia: I'm a trl virgin.

Carson: That'srarazy to me.

Alicia: There is nothin' like the first time. There's nothin' like it


Carson: All right. Listen, obviously alicia here is very particular about the pianos you play. I only imagine you have the finest fromllll over the world i imagine, i don't know. We have a limited budget on trl so we bought you something that we hope you like. Let's bring out our gift for alicia keys if you wouldn't mind


Alicia: yeah!

Carson: It's like a baby, baby, baby, baby, baby grand.

Alicia: Hey!

[Background music]

Alicia: this is the best!

Carson: What do you think of this sucker right here thirchlts is the best right here. It's called the junior grand.

Carson: Sit down.

Alicia: I sit?

Carson: If you want. You can take this one on the plane and play.

Alicia: On the plane.

Carson: Like in first class.

Alicia: Like this.

Carson: I don't know if it works but see.

Alicia: Oh, man we need a pedal


Carson: This is the ghetto version there ain't no pedals () ( )


Carson: Do you like it?

Alicia: Let's try this one. Let's try this one () ( ) it doesn't sound quite right on that.

Carson: It sounds like 'as the world turns' or somethin'.

Alicia: It does.

Carson: We want you to enjoy the piano.

Alicia: Thank you.

Carson: Congratulations on the video, too it looks great.

Alicia: Thank you.

Carson: Little epps directed that.

Alicia: And big up to mike epps for comin' through. When he a bal out there.

Carson: We had a ball having you on the show for the first time.

Alicia: Thank you.

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