Michelle Williams & Christina Milian Bullied

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Michelle of Destiney's Child: Don't get Bullied Like I Was.

Growing up, I tried to get everyone to like me and to fit in with everyone. I used to think I could be the best of friends with everyone. But that wasn't the case. In the fourth grade, I had four or five bullies on my back because I always did my work and got good grades, so the teacher would always call on me to do things up at the blackboard. Children can be cruel and used to tease me.

My mother used to make sure my hair was done and that I had nice clothes. Maybe they didn't like that. All I know is that I never did anything to them, but they just started picking on me. That was the worst. Just last week, I was watching something on TV about bullies and I wanted to go call some of them. But now, it's cool to go back home and see those girls. They must have been going through hard times.

I really had to learn to be strong and understand that there were people I could talk to about it. It hurt and I kept it in. I used to go home sick because I was so nervous to just be around them.

For kids who deal with bullies today, if it gets too tough, please tell somebody. Defend yourself. I'm not saying to pick a fight, but stick up for yourself. Continue to be who you are. They're probably jealous of you for some reason- they want something you have. It'll pass. Just continue to be yourself abd get good grades. I know being a teenager is hard.

Christina Milian: A Former Bully Target

The world, 18-year-old Christina Milian is part of the crop of new singer/songwriters poised to shape the future of music. (Her self-titled debut came out in June.) Where did she develop so much confidence and drive? Surprisingly, from dealing with adversity as a teen. "I was constantly bullied [in middle school]," says Christina. "I've never started a fight in school, but people always wanted to fight me- it was frustrating."

But good did come out of that experience: Christina developed tougher skin, which she used to deflect "the negative comments" ("too short," "too chubby, " "couldn't sing") thrown her away while pursuing her musical career. Now a successful artist, Christina's giving hope to girls going through tough times. She joined Secret anti-perspirant's Self-Esteem Teen Tour, and visited schools and malls across the country "to relate to girls and tell them my stories."

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