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It's old news but I've just found it. I'm very much looking forward to it! :)
there's not been anything new since "Blackbird" for the 'I am Sam' ost, and her duet with Bryan Adams that I haven't heard yet......but I will! ;)

check this (old) article:

McLachlan completes nine songs for new album

Senior Reporter, JAM! Showbiz

Sarah McLachlan has completed nine songs for her long-awaited new album, but there's a chance the disc may not see release until 2003.

A combination of the singer's own impending motherhood (her first child is due in April) and the illness of her mother has forced McLachlan to take what could become a six-month break from working on the as-yet-untitled new record, her manager (and Nettwerk Records boss) Terry McBride told JAM! Music.

"I think there is about a 75% chance (the new album will be released in 2002). Sarah is pregnant now and due in April. Her mom is really, really sick, which for the last two months, has stopped any studio stuff," McBride said via telephone from Vancouver during an interview about the upcoming Barenaked Ladies "Life And Times" TV special. (McBride is the band's manager.)

"She's got most of the album done. I just don't know whether she is basically going to finish it."

McLachlan has worked in Los Angeles and in Morin Heights, PQ, on the follow-up to her last studio album, 1997's "Surfacing." But most of the recording has been done at her home studio, McBride said.

"It is sort of taking its price out of her right now," he said of McLachlan's situation.

"The album was going along great. She had nine songs pretty well done, and then everything stopped ... With mom not well, she has spent most of her time here (in Vancouver), but she has basically stopped for the last two months ... it will end up taking six months out of the process."

When the new album is completed, it will bring to an end a lengthy hiatus from the limelight for McLachlan. Her cover of the Beatles' "Blackbird," which features on the soundtrack to the upcoming film "I Am Sam" (out next month), will be the first new studio recording from McLachlan in several years.

"Really, the girl has not recorded anything new in four years," he said.

When asked to characterize the parts of the new album he has heard, McBride said: "Let's just say that I am extremely happy."

Whatever the eventual release date for the new album, it will be preceded by a single -- "a dynamite song," according to McBride -- that will arrive well ahead of the full record.

"The single will be a good 16 weeks -- at least 12 weeks -- ahead of the album. Whereas most people do it with a six-week window, I am going to make it a much longer window," he said.

Although he declined to name the song, he called it "probably the biggest song of this girl's career."

"It's a matter of bringing her back inside the public, but doing it in a very classy way. Not the hype. The hype will build naturally. I want to stretch it out, so that when the album hits, people want to get it right then. The song will be so undeniable."

McLachlan is poised to take the music world by surprise with the new album, he added. "Surfacing" was recently certified as an eight-times-platinum album in the U.S. In Canada, he pegged the record at 16-times platinum (1.6 million copies).

"She sells more records than Madonna ... She's just shy of Celine and Shania, but with not the same hype level. When this new album hits, it is going to shock people. Stateside, it will probably scan a half-million copies the first week, and people will say: 'What the hell?'

"They just don't know (how big McLachlan has become). She has had the biggest live album in 10 years, 'Mirrorball' sold three-and-a-half million copies ... Start putting things in perspective. The industry doesn't know, which is going to be really, really interesting."

One thing that won't be part of McLachlan's future is a revived version of her multi-act, female-centric Lilith Fair tour, McBride added.

"Lilith, as much as people think it helped Sarah's career, it put blinders on her. She was stuck doing a 45 minute, 60 minute greatest-hits set. She's stuck promoting Lilith and not promoting a Sarah album. You can't go off and do a whole pile of TV (appearances) because you are off doing Lilith," he said.

I think that guy is a loud-mouth, I don't like when ppl say "it's gonna be so big blah blah blah" I'd rather he lets things happen, and not boast too much.....he's not a good spokesperson if you ask me....Sarah's sooo much NOT like that! lol

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