Blu Cantrell Having Man Trouble Again

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Postby Miss Moon » Fri Sep 27, 2002 5:08 pm

Blu Cantrell is having problems with a man in her life again.

On her new single, "Breathe," she's "walking out the door" in search of space and a "cure" for her love woes. "All we do is make up/ Then break up/ Why don't we wake up, and seeeee," she sings over the same track Dr. Dre used for "What's the Difference" off of his last LP, Dr. Dre — 2001.

"When love hurts, it won't work," continues the frustrated Cantrell on the song. "Maybe we need some time alone."

Cantrell is currently recording in New York, trying to finish her sophomore LP, according to a spokesperson for her label Arista. While the album is still untitled, it has a tentative release date of December 17. Tricky Stewart, Missy Elliott and Lady May have already contributed to the project, as have Ivan Matias and Andrea Martin, the producers of "Breathe."

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