News On Brandy's 4th Album And More

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Postby djmvd » Sun Jan 05, 2003 3:49 am

Big Names For New Brandy Album
courtesy of Luke of Learn The Brandy

Here's some more news on Brandy's new album. According to Windswept Pacific's website, producers/writers Chris Ballard and Andy Murray did a track for Brandy called "Gone From Me". The ballad is listed under their current projects list. There is no word on the song making the final cut though. Stay tuned for more...

As previously mentioned, Brandy is currently working on her new project with husband Robert Smith, Mike City, and Timbaland. Smith recently said in an interview that there'll be a big appearance on the album. Well, a recent article on Whitney Houston mentioned a collaboration with Brandy. Although the track will not appear on Houston's new album, chances are it will be released on something. Says Antionio "LA" Reid, CEO of Arista Records:"When it's finished, I'll find a home for it."

Could that be the big appearance on Brandy's new album? Hopefully yes.

Missy Elliott to work with Brandy on a project, says rapper in Power 106FM interview.

Courtesy of b-rockafan16 of Forever Brandy forum

A couple of days ago about 7:45 a.m. Missy was talking to big boy and she mention that she was going to be working with Brandy on a project soon, so I will assume its Brandys new C.D. she will be coming out with. I just thought I would share that.

*BRANDY PROJECT 2OO3*(Tentative List)

courtesy of Soopaman of Forever Brandy forum

Here's what we know of so far or the producers and songs that have been mentioned. Of course, this list is tentative and does not mean that these producers or songs will end up on the album. Please add to the list if you know of any.

Release Date: Spring 2003(Tentative)

-Mike City
-Robert Smith
-Missy Elliott (Thanks to B-RockaFan16 for announcing the news)

Song Titles

-"Gone From Me" (written by Chris Ballard and Andy Murray) (Thanks to A.J. for annoucing the news)

Possible Collaborations

-Whitney Houston
-Missy Elliott

People and US Weekly pics of Brandy and Sy'rai
In the January 13 edition of People magazine their is a feautre of new babies of 2002. Inside the magazine their is a picture of Brandy holding Sy'rai and the photo was taken 2 days before Christmas. There is also a better pic of Sy'rai in US Weekly. Go check it out before the next issue comes out.

Here the pic link.

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