Brandy And Hubby In Feb' Issue Of S2s Magazine

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Postby djmvd » Fri Jan 17, 2003 4:58 pm

Brandy and Robert are in the February issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine with Aaliyah(RIP) and Damon Dash on the cover. Most it's stuff that MTV had reported about them working on the new album, but it goes on about Syrai and all. There's a new pic of both of them(I dont have a scanner).

Brandy and hubby Robert are back in the studio

by Jamie Foster Brown

The Smiths, including Brandy, her husband Robert and their baby girl Sy'rai(who was five months old at press time) are one big happy family. The trio has been inseparable and even spending time in the studio together.

From what I'm hearing, Brandy and Robert have completed about four songs for her new album. They've done a few umptempo songs and a few ballads and expect to finish the album soon. Brandy seems even more focus than ever on working in the studio.

So far Brandy has only been working with her husband, but Timbaland is expecting to be checking in also. And Robert, well, he's the "everything" man on this project. He's overseeing the album, doing Brandy's A&R, and last I heard he was working on getting an artist locked down for a duet with her. Robert and Brandy want this album to appeal to the streets even more than Full Moon. The album is expected to drop by this spring.

Besides working with his wife, Robert also produced tracks on the current albums from Kelly Rowland, Dave Hollister, and Toni Braxton. He's the real thing, little babies.

But enough about the music. On the family front, the new couple is doing quite well. They have a fulltime nanny, although the new mommy, mostly takes care of the baby herself. I was told that Sy'rai is the best baby in the world. She doesn't cry or anything. And Robert's just eating her up. He's even mastered playing with Sy'rai and working in the studio at the same time! Brandy just loves it.

Sy'rai is doing great and the funniest thing she does is make cute expressions on her face and with her hands when she's excited. And check this out-she sings herself to sleep at night. The baby is so used to having people sing to her that when they aren't, she sings to herself. Her singing sounds like she's moaning. It may not be singing to other people, but to her family, that's a singing baby.

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