Australian Idol Vs Kelly Clarkson

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Australian Idol had a HUGE shock in the last few weeks, Paulini (Idol Favourite) was voted off, after the shock of being booted my the public, judges, Marcia Hines, Mark Holden and Ian Dickson (Dicko, mean mean boy) were all shocked that the favourite was voted off by the public, Marcia ended up in tears expressing her sadness saying "you know what Paulini, lets hope the public got the votes wrong, lets hope they are voting for talent, and the whole package coz youve got it girlfriend, no matter what anyone says, your going to be a star, i can see you up there amongst the best, you a star in Australia's eyes, and mine, good luck and keep going for your dreams!"

After Paulini's shock exit, there was another, Milsie (Rob Mills) the character of the group, the chicks adore, and love. After a average performance he was voted off, another major contender, gone.

Down to the final 3, Cosima, Guy and Shannon. Cosima being the diva of Australian Idol, Guy being the Guy With The Fro, and Shannon being the true Australian Country Lad. Who will leave? Who will stay?

After the 60's Special where they all sing 2 60's songs, the show ended with tears, sadness and joy. Guy being the outstanding performer of the night, Cosima showing true emotions with her ballads and Shannon singing some great Aussie Hits from back in those days. Only 2 could progress further on the title of Australia's Idol, who will it be? On Monday the 'eviction / verdict shoow' SHANNON WAS TOLD TO COME TO THE STAGE AS HE IS ONE OF THE BOTTOM 2 PEOPLE WITH THE LEAST VOTES, THEN cOSIMA GOT DRAWN TO THE STAGE, Cosima had something to say - she was withdrawing from the competition, our very own Diva was withdrawing due to the past few weeks she noticed her vocals are straining she has a tempoary vocal condition, if she were to go on and take the final spot she didnt think she could not win with her voice straining, so she would be ruining one of the other guys chances. Cosima decided to withdraw and rest her voice, she claimed she WILL be back, and thats a definate!

The Final 2, Guy VS Shannon, on the live performance, they sung the song which will be thier first single, written just for them, they both have the same song. Guy belted out amazing songs, doing a cover of one of Beyonce' songs it was shakey, he sounded out of breath as he was dressed up as a Lenny Kravits wanna be. Shannon steped up belted out an Aussie Song, BILLIANT SUPERB, and even Belted out a Brian Adams song, another perfect performance, when it came down the the sing that guy was also singing....the nation was breathless, it was BRILLIANT! the nation was shocked as Guy the Guy With The Fro was beaten at his own game, singing.


my opinion, Guy will even though Shannon does have better looks and way better vocals, Guy has the females attention, my moneys on him.

I was thinking if there was to be a WORLD IDOL which they are talking about, Australia has a very good chance of winning, but Kelly Clarkson on the other hand is brilliant. All you Americans dont know how lucky you are to get such a talented young lady to be your Idol, she is winning everyones hearts, and climbing the charts like a champion here, her debute single: Miss Independant went to number 3 smashing Garreth Gates (UK) who only got to 13th on the ARIA charts. Kelly's second single 'lOW' DEBUTED THIS WEEK, HIT NUMBER 11 IN ITS FIRST WEEK, ANOTHER BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE. Her album hit around 20th after a few weeks. She is a force to be seen, she is a talent, and its hard to believe she was a cocktail waitress.

Kelly ppeformed in Australia at the Channel V studios, singing Low, brilliant! She has one of the most amazing voices live.

Kelly also dropped into the Australian Idol studios to chat with the Aussie IDOL CONTENDERS, and to show them what you will have to be, she sung Miss Indepenant, and the judges had thier say about her live peformance, Dicko says "you know what Kelly, its apitty you werent in the Australian Idol so we could get ya on our record label, with a voice like taht your destined to be a star"

Marcia saying "Kelly, ive seen the American Idol and youve grown so much, youve gotten stronger, and with every peformance youve uped the anti, thanks for such a lovely peformance, you deserve the title of American Idol, and thnks for showing our Aussie Idol contenders what they need to do"

Mark saying "Kelly, you look stunning, crystal vocals, what can I say im breath taken its easy to see why your the American Idol, so gorgious, such a nice charcter, Thank You For A Brilliant Peformance and in my words -TOUCH DOWN-" (mARK hOLDEN DOING HIS FAMOUS, YET NOT LIKED IDOL PHRASE, TOUCH DOWN!)

Kelly VS Th World, I know who I have my money on, and that sure is the Amrican Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.

Its such an honour to write about such a brilliant peformer, and yet a lovely person! You Go Kelly!

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