Gwen Stefani New Movie/solo Album-?

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Postby OneNightInBangkok » Mon Dec 08, 2003 8:57 am

B) Hottie Gwen Stefani is in a new movie set in like the 1940's! I think it's supposed to be out in the spring. I think that's why her hair was like that in the video for Its My Life. She's also coming out with a solo album. I think she should divorce Gavin and marry me. Don't you? ;)

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Christinas Amazing
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Postby Christinas Amazing » Tue Dec 16, 2003 1:51 am


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Postby MissyChrissy86 » Thu Jul 08, 2004 9:04 am

It's great that she's doing well in her career.
I love her too!!! and I would marry her, if I was a guy 'LOL'

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