Beyonce on LeToya Luckett and Latavia Robertson

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Beyonce on LeToya Luckett and Latavia Robertson

Postby Crave » Tue Jan 23, 2001 11:40 am

Beyonce Knowles has spoken in detail about her row with ex-Destiny's Child members LeToya Luckett and Latavia Robertson in a Vibe magazine interview.

Beyonce admits that the split with ex-members LeToya and LaTavia led her into a huge depression. 'For two weeks I literally stayed in my room and did not move,' she says. 'I felt like I could not breathe. I had a nervous breakdown because I just couldn't believe it,' says Beyonce referring to the lawsuit, (now settled) filed by LeToya and LaTavia against Beyonce and band member Kelly Rowland. Â

Vibe magazine also reprints a letter sent by Beyonce to LeToya and LaTavia during the time of the split. 'I have never complained when you didn't sing one note on numerous songs on the album,' reads the letter. 'I never complained that when I was working my butt off in the studio, as I did on the last album, that the two of you were both either sleeping or on your phones approximately 80% of the time. I never complained when the two of you were lip synching to my vocals on some of the videos and on stage. In fact, I only helped make our contributions appear to be equal in public.'

LeToya Luckett responds to Beyonce's claims in the magazine. 'We weren't lazy. When it was time to write, when it was time to sing, we were ready to go,' she says. 'I want to put someone on the stand with a bible and have them say that we didn't work. Anytime a contract came up, Mathew (Beyonce's father and the group's manager) kicked me out of the group because I wouldn't sign just anything. It was like a bad relationship. He would kick me out and then call back a few days later saying, 'I need you, I need you.' LeToya and LaTavia are still pursuing their legal claim for compensation against Mathew Knowles.

Former member Farrah Franklin also attacks the Knowles clan in the interview. 'Beyonce's family are kinda like a cult,' she says. 'They don't have friends who aren't in the Destiny's Child clique. ' Franklin also claims she was told to go to tanning salons and dye her hair red in order to be in the group.

Despite the turmoil, the band say they've now channelled their energies into their new album Survivor due in April. The band have completed 11 songs, some produced by Rodney Jerkins, which they describe as more mature and 'easier on the men'. In fact the trio reveal in a new Teen People magazine interview that they're all looking for the right man. 'We're all looking for Mr. Right,' says Beyonce, 'but our careers make it really hard to meet someone.' Beyonce adds that the current line-up of Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland is secure. 'The reason female groups don't stay together is because they don't communicate. The thing we understand is that I want Michelle to look and sound her best. Same with Kelly. We want to be the best female group ever.'

Fancy seeing the girls on film? Well check out worldpop's Destiny's Child video interview right here and discover what the singers get up to on a Saturday night.

(23 January, 2001)

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Postby Anthony A » Sat Jan 27, 2001 10:59 am

I wouldn't be amazed but I hope they go to the grammy's ALL OF THEM ! I'm gonna laugh my ass off if they do !

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