Pavarotti-Madonna duet?

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Postby pinkGLAM » Thu Feb 15, 2001 9:00 am

It’s hard to imagine Luciano Pavarotti voguing to “Like A Virgin,â€￾ but the famed opera tenor told a group of reporters in London on Wednesday that it is “my dreamâ€￾ to do a duet with Madonna.

Pavarotti said that at one point Madonna had suggested that they sing the aria “Caro Mio Beneâ€￾ (“My Dear Oneâ€￾) together, but apparently they have lost touch since then. He asked people in the crowd for a contact number for Madonna.

The tenor also discussed his weight problems, confessing that he had put on about 25 pounds. Pavarotti recently had to be seated during a Metropolitan Opera performance. “Maybe he can sing ‘Material Girth,’ an unkind source quipped.

Madonna’s spokeswoman didn’t return calls for comment, but Pavarotti’s spokesman says the singer isn’t holding out much hope. “We haven’t heard from her,â€￾ he said. Will you let us know if she does? “She won’t call,â€￾ he said.

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Postby shanilia » Mon Feb 26, 2001 8:51 pm

I can't imagine Luciano singing with Madonna. And what does his weight problem have to do with the duet? The author just wanted to sneak that in there.

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