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Postby pinkGLAM » Sat Feb 17, 2001 5:29 am

Mel B, sometimes known as Scary Spice, is in 'preliminary talks' with Gossard, the underwear manufacturer, to spearhead an advertising campaign for their latest invention - an inflatable bra. The brassiere is aimed at women who want to give their cleavage a lift, but who lack the funds or nerve to have their assets cosmetically enhanced. It is odd that Mel B should be up for the job, as it has been widely reported she took the implant route to enhance her own cleavage - something she is now at pains to deny. 'There have been preliminary talks,' admits a source close to the singer. 'I suppose the campaign would play on the 'Has she, hasn't she?' factor.' The bra, which is called the Ultrabra Airotic, will be launched in March. A larger, worldwide campaign is set for the summer. Gossard claims there is an enormous waiting list for the Airotic, which features twin airbags as standard and promises to inflate women's chests by up to two cup sizes - or their money back.

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