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Postby linda » Tue Mar 06, 2001 4:25 pm

hey every one i'm kinda new here and i just wanted to know what does every 1 think of the new pop singer kaci.

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Postby Becky » Sun Mar 11, 2001 10:16 pm

Never heard of her? What's name of her single?

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Postby Crave » Mon Mar 12, 2001 7:48 pm

Can Kaci sing live?

She said she sung a bilingual version of Paradise live at the Super Bowl but she was miming at Top Of the Pops and she wasn't even good at it!

She pretty good! There goes Mandy Moore!

She has like Christina tone but Mandy's volume, her voice reminds me of Gloria Estefan's.

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Postby Souldiva247 » Tue Feb 05, 2002 1:52 pm

I have to say I REALLY like this young lady. Her vocal tone is a little bit closer to Celine's than Christina's. I am concerned though about her musical direction. I hope she doesn't become yet another bimbo singing useless nonsense. Her voice is too beautiful for that. It would be such a waste of a voice. I'm hoping she hooks up with some great producers. The right producers will not overproduce everything-burying her vocals in ridiculous tracks. It doesn't matter how good a voice is if it's singing garbage. Lets hope she gets with the right people to ensure her some considerable longevity.

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