Janet Jackson's Best Videos ?

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Postby Anthony A » Tue Mar 06, 2001 11:06 pm

I knows it easy to choose 10 of Janet Jacksons videos to be her best but were cutting it short. . . . what are Janet Jackson's all time top 5 videos ?

5. Again ~ It showed the very beautiful & peaceful side of Janet that we dont see as much because of the dancing & effects that we know she's beautifyl be we dont know how beautiful she is until she gets rid of the dancers & just goes plain simple for this video which made her look very gorgeous !

4. Everytime ~ I think this is Janet's best ballad ! The song is perfect for a loved one or spouse that you love ! This is by far another sexy video of her's where we she get to see her and only her expressing her self like no other video ! She looked natural & its good she has no shame in showing that body !

3. If ~ The song just rocked and the whole setting was really really good ! We saw the bad side of Janet ( not the first & hopefully not the last ) and I loved it. Althought she can play the girl next door she can play the vixen ! The dance moves were good and they weren't corney like most dance moves of today ! She has a certain kinda of dancing that no other artist can ever come close to except for her brother Michael who I think is the king of dance !

2. What Have You Done For Me Lately ~ Her first video was kinda corney but I liked it for some reason ! The song rocked and we discovered who Janet was in this video ! She looked so innocent yet so sexy !

1. Rythym Nation ~ The song kicked ass and so did the video ! I think it was one of her best and always will be ! I mean, she still gets credited for that album as ' the leader of our rythym nation ' hello ? I think that video rocked and kicked ass and thats the bottom line !

On Janet ~ I have loved Janet like forever ! She's my music idol and nobody can beat her. She has a terrific voice & has the dance moves of lightning ! She is a very beautiful lady who only gets more and more and more beautiful everytime she ages ! She can put a spectacular show and can wow people away ! I certainly can not wait till the MTV Icon special because she deserves it out of everyone and its about damn time she gets this kinda recognition ! I mean, people said in another board that Madonna, Prince, & Michael Jackson should have gotten it before her but screw that, maybe Michael but certainly not Madonna because I personally feel Janet is better then her vocally & dancing wise and I hope Janet the best in her career because it will only get better and it has !

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Postby Becky » Sun Mar 11, 2001 10:14 pm

I totally agree with U Anthony, and I'm really glad that MTV is doing this show for her and she's the first to do it.

5. Pleasure Principle
4. I Get Lonely
3. Rhythm Nation
2. If
1. Love Will Never Do (Without You)

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