Despite hard work Geri's album loses out to REM

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Postby pinkGLAM » Sat May 19, 2001 1:54 am

^^Hip parade ... Geri on German telly

SHE'S spent thousands of pounds and travelled thousands of miles but Geri Halliwell still can't outsell a bunch of old rockers.

Geri's new album, Scream If You Wanna Go Faster, will enter tomorrow's album charts at No3, having sold only 22,295 copies so far.

Despite publicity overkill over the past week, Geri is, amazingly, being outsold 3 TO 1 by the new REM album. Reveal is at No1 after shifting more than 71,000 copies.

^^Mega mouth ... haranguing shoppers in Manchester

To make matters worse, Geri is even lagging behind Eighties has-beens Bon Jovi. Their One Wild Night Live CD of old concert tracks is at No2 having so far sold 25,356 copies this week.

If all that wasn't enough, Geri's single It's Raining Men is due to be toppled by S Club 7's Don't Stop Movin'.

^^Show off ... performing then heading for Madrid

Geri has done everything to ensure she reaches No1 in the album charts.

In the past weeks she's travelled 4,000 miles. Her stunts have included standing on car roofs with a megaphone, appearing on SM:tv with Ant and Dec, posing with her dog Harry and wading into the John 'Two Jabs' Prescott debate. Flaunting her new, flat body, she's described herself as loving sex, as hating sex, as a virgin, as a lesbian and as Robbie Williams' 'special' lover.

She even appeared in a Labour election broadcast ... the same day her album went on sale. (She's forgotten that as a Spice Girl she was a huge Maggie Thatcher fan.)

And don't forget the magazine covers and TV and radio appearances.

^^Barking ... with dog Harry and SM:tv's Ant

So how frustrating it must be to lag behind those wrinkly rockers.

Geri, copy REM singer Michael Stipe. Come out as gay and get one of your band to smash up a plane.

she's slimmed down & looks great but the public is still not buying her act

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Postby LuckyViolet » Sat May 19, 2001 10:34 pm

Wow...she looks great, though i've always thought she was very beautiful. Thanks for the article, it was really interesting, i barely hear anything about Geri's good to finally see something about her. :)

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