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Postby justins bubbles » Thu May 31, 2001 12:14 am

I just saw her new video and was wondering if anyone knows anything about her. I also want to find out about this guy in her video! He was so sexy!!

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Postby Souldiva247 » Tue Feb 05, 2002 1:36 pm

Toya hails from St. Louis and is good friends with Nelly as they share some of the same producers. She got her strong voice by growing up singing in church. Her style of music is Janet inspired pop/R&B mixed with the bouncy, melodic St. Louis hip hop style. While Micheal & Janet are 2 of her influences, her dance skills aren't as polished as some of the other young M&J influenced artists like Britney or Mya. But her voice is much stronger. I'd compare her to Debolah Morgan. She's a vocalist who dances, too. Toya is definately gonna be a presence in the years to come, so Brandy--watch out!!

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