Shakira wins 'El Premio Lo Nuestro'

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Postby Miss Moon » Fri Feb 15, 2002 1:25 pm

Good news! Shakira won an 'El Premio Lo Nuestro'-award which was given to her after an Internet voting. This was her acceptance speech:

Presenter Guy: And the winner in the Pop Internet Artist of the year category is..... Shakira!
Presenter Lady: WOOOOOW, Viva Colombia! Shakira is not with us but she is live via satellite in New York.
Shakira: How are you guys doing?
Presenter Lady: Shakira you are the pride of my country I adore you!
Shakira: I adore you too. The truth is I am very happy to be able to receive an award awarded to me by the people. In my career I've receive awards that are chosen by the industry or by the media, but for me knowing that my music and my work is in the minds and hearts of people has no comparison with anything. So this type of award... acknowledgment I receive with a lot of joy and I want to manifest my appreciation to all my fans and I remember you will lots of love always. And I want you all to know that wherever I am, in whatever country I may be in the with this 'crossover' I want you to know that you should never forget that I have my roots very implanted in Latin America and now more than ever I am proud to be a Latina and to be Colombian. A huge kiss to everyone.
Presenter Guy: I think it's really important and we should give a big applause to Shakira because not only is she successful in Spanish music but now she has become an ambassador of Latinos with her triumph in English music and that is why she is not here today because she is representing all the Latinos from around the world.
Presenter Lady: thank you Shakira, we love you a lot!

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