Brandy's Baby on Board...

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Brandy's Baby on Board
by Marcus Errico
Feb 21, 2002, 3:05 PM PT

For those of you still not convinced that Brandy's all grown up, we submit this:

The erstwhile Moesha's about to become a mommy.

Just two weeks after coming clean about her secret marriage, Brandy's camp confirmed Thursday that the former child star is pregnant.

Brandy's new release will be out in July, according to Chrissy Murray, the singer-actress' publicist at Atlantic Records. The sex is unknown.

Brandy, who turned 23 on February 11, initally broke the baby news to the Electronic Urban Report (, saying that she and new husband Robert Smith were 'so happy and excited' about their first child.

'I've always wanted children and look forward to being a mom...We are reading a lot of parenting books and asking questions, but we will let experience be our best teacher.

The multiplatinum-selling, Grammy-winning artist says a little thing like pregnancy isn't going to stop her from plugging her new album, Full Moon, due March 5. She just got back from a two-week promotional tour of Europe and is going full-speed ahead with tours of Japan and Canada in the coming months. 'Being pregnant doesn't mean life stops, it means life begins,' she tells Electronic Urban Report. 'I have multitasked for years, I've learned the art very well.'

Since UPN canceled Moesha last year, Brandy has been keeping a relatively low profile. So low, that she never bothered telling anyone about her marriage to Smith--a 22-year-old record producer who has worked with Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls--until earlier this month. (Even now, she prefers to keep mum about the details, only saying they got married 'last summer.')

But with the wedding and baby announcements, new single ('What About Us?') and new album, Brandy's back in a big way. We're just waiting to see what bombshell she drops next week.

source: E!

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