Alanis Morissette on Last Call with Carson Daly

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>> carson: Hey, what's up? This is 'last call' with carson daly. We are gonna spend the entire show tonight with alanis morissette, who just released a new album called 'under rug swept,' which she wrote and produced on her own. It literally just came out. And here to play 'hands clean' off that album, please welcome alanis morissette.

cheers and applause ]

>> carson: Alanis morissette. Thank you, guys. Come on over. How are you?

>> Good. How are you?

>> Carson: Nice to see you.

>> Nice to be here.

>> Carson: Well, that was great.

>> Thanks.

>> Carson: Thank you, guys. That was awesome.

[ Screams and applause ] so the album's out. You've gotta just be relieved.

>> Yes, the bun is outta the oven.

>> Carson: Yes, it feels like that. Does it feel like your baby because of how hands-on you were?

>> Yeah, it does. I mean, every song feels like a baby being born. But this one feels like, you know, I had quadruplets, quintuplet

[ laughter ]

>> carson: Right. Alanis wrote and produced the record herself. What, in your words -- what would make this album a success to you?

>> Once it really represents exactly where I'm at, I consider it to be successful in my definition of it. So it really was a success i think.

[ Applause ]

>> carson: How about those canadians winning the gold?

>> How about that?

[ Cheers ]

>> carson: How about that hockey game, huh? You must have been thrilled. Who were you rooting for?

>> Hmm, I wonder.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Hmm. You've spent so much time here in the states, you do business here.

>> No, i actually have loyalty to canada, but i'm also the exact person that cheers when either team scores.

>> Carson: Right.

>> I'm not a nationalist, but I definitely have some, you know, some familiarity with the canadians for obvious reasons.

>> Carson: Well, it's great to have you for the whole show.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: We're gonna take a quick break. It's all alanis morissette on 'last call.' Be right back with more music and some more chatting with alanis, right after this.

[ Applause ]

[ applause ]

>> carson: And welcome back to 'last call.' Alanis morissette's first album, 'jagged little pill,' sold 28 million copies worldwide. Her next album, 'supposed former infatuation junkie,' was another multiplatinum success. She's won seven grammys and is here with us tonight. And I've had a chance to know you since back in the day.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Of 'jagged little pill,' i think i did your second interview ever in america.

>> Right.

>> Carson: And going back to that record, is there ever a time when you just wish that it was just a good record?

[ Alanis laughs ]

>> as opposed to a bad record?

>> Carson: And not, like, the record of the decade, as they have labeled this.

>> I don't have any regrets. I wouldn't change a damn thing. But it was overwhelming.

[ Applause ]

>> carson: You didn't feel like that set you on a path where it's just like, 'oh, boy?' You know, sort of, you know, like getting a porsche as your first car when you're 16?

>> It did sort of, you know, raise the bar to the point where relativity was always gonna be a difficult one to follow up in terms of it bng compared.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Anything I did after compared to 'jagged little pill,' but, you know, I dealt with that pressure. And now I know what it's like to deal with pressure, and i can help other people who are dealing with pressure.

>> Carson: I want to talk about what you choose to write about. In music, soany people draw from a lot of different things, whether it's political or social, or something extremely personal. The notion of relationships seems to be something that you write a lot about. Why is that?

>> Mm-hmm. Because I think it's a microcosm of what the broader issues are. You know, far be it for me to have an opinion formed of what I think the middle east should do with america and vice-versa, if i can't even figure out how to resolve a conflict with one other person. You know?

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: Fair enough. Yeah, we mentioned that you had written and produced this record. Could you ever go back and do another record where you shared duties?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: If you didn't have the control that you just had on this one?

>> I mean, i had a lot of control in one sense. In another sense, I feel like i facilitated in a way that i hadn't before, isense that, you know, I'm not an island, by any means. So it was a very collaborative, synergistic environment that was created. So i still consider myself to be a collaborator to the nth degree.

>> Carson: There were initially 27ongs written for the record, cut down to 11?

>> Yeah, mm-hmm.

>> Carson: And do you make that cut?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: What happens to those other songs? Why does -- I suppose a record company would often come in and want to pick and choose and stuff?

>> Right. No, not in this case. I think the other songs will, at some pot, be put into a volume two of sorts. Because I'd love to share them. I just don't know whether --

>> carson: Did you do any of the other songs in concert?

>> We did for a while, but I haven't lately. We're doing more showcase tours right now in europe and stuff.

>> Carson: Right.

>> But during the tour i will.

>> Csoson: I want to talk a little bit about a song, one that i particularly liked, which was a hidden track off 'jagged.' If you went 5 minutes and 12 seconds past track 13, you would discover this. I don't know who finds these, but I do.

[ Cheers and applause ] it's a song called 'your house.' Tell me about this song.

>> We had finished writing the record, and we wanted to keep writing. And this is often the case when i'm finishing a record, I get a whole new burst of wanting to continue to write. So we wrote 'your house,' you know, in about ten minutes it's called 'your house.' And we had it to music at first, but then we just kind of put the guitar down and I just sang it a capella. So that's what it was begging to be.

>> Carson: Is this one of the few songs that's sort of written in a fictitious way? Most everything is pretty real.

>> Yeah, it's the onlynene that wasn't autobiographical. And it's a good thing, too, because in this song it kind of implies that I broke into someone's house which wouldn't be good.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: I would love to hear it, if you wouldn't mind playing it for us tonight.

[ Cheers and applause ] all right, doing the song 'your house.' You got the boys? Think you can do it? All right, alanis morissette, everybody.

carson: Awesome. You're the most talented burglar i've ever seen. We'll be right back, more with alanis morissette on 'last call,' right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ cheers and applause ]

>> carson: Welcome back to 'last call.' We're here with alanis morissette. 'Under rug swept' is out. And I want to talk a little bit about the music business for a second.

>> Okay.

>> Carson: It's common for these sort of -- i guess we'd sell them diamond selling artists. These 10 million plus artists, whether it's dave matthews or fred durst, limp bizkit, dr. Dre. Seemingly, they all sort of get into the business and create their own labels, and we see them on red carpets with their little proteges, with people that they are helping, i guess, get a break. Is that something that has ever interested you, or why not?

>> I don't know about forming my own label. It's something that I have an opportunity to do, I think, as anyone does, really. But hahaven't had a desire to do so yet, and until I do, I won'T. But in terms of supporting people and nurturing them and being a place that they can come to to get, not advice really, but more just support. I'm always there, and I do that all the time with several of my friends, certainly, and a lot of other people, too.

>> Carson: The lead track off the record is called '21 things.' And tell me about this song. I guess it's poking fun at this sort of list that you have about 21 things that a guy needs to have. Why only 21, by the way?

>> Well, 21 is an abridged version. It's like 343,000 things.

[ Light laughter ] 21 things I'd want in a lover. The operative word in the song to me is it's a preference rather than an expectation. 'Cause expectation, you're just sure to be disappointed. But a preference is just kind of putting it out there, and then you let go, and you see what life has to offer.

>> Carson: Well, is 18 out of 21 all right?

>> I think 80% is pretty great.

>> Carson: Pretty damn good, right? Do you actually have a list that you keep of these sort of --

>> i've written this since i was, you know, 6.

>> Carson: And what's something weird off this list that's not in the song?

>> Oh, wow.

>> Carson: Like gimme, maybe, 2,401. Do you recall that one?

>> Okay, let's see. Somebody that can have physical body humor. Like, someone that can take a fall to get a laugh. You know, somebody --

[ light laughter ] who can break their neck and do some serious crazy dancing.

>> Carson: That's a tough one.

[ Laughter ] you are gonna do 'so unsexy' for us tonight, and I would love for you to tell us about this song.

[ Cheers and applause ] is it just about maybe just a time or a day when -- I don't know if it's you or not -- when you're just sort of not feeling it?

>> Yeah. Not feeling it. I've been in relationships over the years where i just didn't feel it in the relationship, and I slowly kind of atrophied into just hangng --

>> carson: It's how you feel about yourself? It's actually another relationship?

>> No, it's about how I felt about myself in the relationship. So, you know, I have moments of it all the time. The lyric in the song that i actually think is one of the most important lyrics to me, anyway, in the record is just the concept of 'when I'm not taking care of myself, I don't have my own back.' Pretty much anything can affect me. But if i'm taking care of myself, nothing really affects me that much.

>> Carson: Great. And you're gonna do it for us right now.

S sure.

>> Carson: Alanis morissette, her album is 'under rug swept.' She's doing 'so unsexy.'

carson: Thank you. We'll be right back to wrap it up with alanis morissette right after this. Thank you so much.

I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautiful

so unloved for someone so fine

[ cheers and applause ]

>> carson: All right. Just a couple seconds left here for alanis morissette. 'Under rug swept' coming to a town near you, I guess. When's the tour start? What can you tell us?

>> The formal american one starts in may. May or june.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: I wanna say thank you for being here for the whole show.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: And it was great to have you here. Congratulations on your new record. 'Under rug swept,' the one and only alanis morissette. That's the show. Thank you guys, and we'll see you later.

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