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this article is from hello magazine

15 MARCH 2002
American R&B singer Anastacia has spoken about how she bounced back from a debilitating illness to become the international star she is today. In an intimate interview published in the British newspaper The Mirror, the 29-year-old star tells how she suffered a relapse of the chronic disorder Crohn’s disease, which effects the small intestine, at the age of 18 – because she went on a diet.

She was first diagnosed at 13, and had to have a section of her intestine removed. “Five years later I had a relapse,â€￾ Anastacia says, “because I went on a diet. A producer had told me I was too large and I wasn’t singing right because I was fat.

“It was a dramatic fruit and vegetable-only diet. And with my disease that was like putting glass down my intestine, because it’s all fibre. But I didn’t know. I hadn’t had a problem for years and I thought, ‘I don’t have this disease, it was a mistake by the doctors.’ All I had was a scar.â€￾

The I’m Outta Love singer says she overcame the illness by coming to terms with it. “I was very depressed,â€￾ she says. “But I got healthy again by understanding the disease. It’s stress related and you need to understand yourself. I studied different religions but didn’t want to be religious. I was searching for me. By the time 22 rolled around, I’d become an extremely strong-minded woman, living life to its fullest each day.â€￾

Since her first album was released two years ago, Anastacia has become an international star. Her debut has sold four million copies and the second album Freak Of Nature is not far behind. But she got started in the business as a wedding entertainer. “In fact I sang at Spielberg’s wedding,â€￾ she says. “And I said it to him the other day. I was babbling on about how ironic it was and he just turned to his wife and said, ‘You know what the most ironic part is? We’re still married.’â€￾

Anastacia’s new single One Day In Your Life is released on Monday.

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