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Postby laura l » Tue Apr 30, 2002 7:54 am

Here's an article about Dido's split from the man who not so long ago was her inspirationa dn who was to be her husband....bullsh** !

From Hello magazine

29 APRIL 2002

Pop singer Dido has split from the man she credited with being her greatest inspiration just months before they were due to be married.

Dido, who was the biggest selling artist in the world last year, has packed her bags and moved out of the London apartment she shared with lawyer Bob Page, in what friends of the couple are calling an amicable split. The had been dating for seven years and planned to marry over the summer.

“It’s all very sad,â€￾ a friend of the couple told the British Daily Mail. “We were all wondering when the wedding would be, only to be told the relationship is now over.â€￾

It is believed the split was caused by the 30-year-old singer’s phenomenal rise to stardom and punishing work schedule. Dido has so far sold 15 million copies of her album No Angel and wrote her hit single Thank You in tribute to Bob. She also dedicated her two Brit awards to the 33-year-old entertainment lawyer, calling him “an incredible inspirationâ€￾.

Dido is currently being comforted by her brother Rollo who leads the dance band Faithless.

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