Chris Webber is dating Sacramento Model

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Postby ja5686 » Sat Jun 15, 2002 2:47 pm

Yes, Chris Webber is dating and has dated A LOT of women!  He is hitting Tyra, and she is trying to trap that man.  She just doesn't know!  There is this beautiful Sac model that has been dating Chris off and on ever since he moved to Sac in '99.  He's telling her he's not seeing no one else, doesn't have a girlfriend and wants to build something with her.  He is the ultimate of dogs, cause this girl is so sweet and real, and he doesn't want to let her go.  But he can't do right by here either.  See for yourself, her name is Shelle, she's modeled with FUBU, she's on their site under Women of Y2G and Gor-Jus women.  She has a model site with her featured,   She looks way better than Tyra, Ashanti, and the other girls combined.....naturally!  I know her, and her pictures can't even begin describe what she's like in person.  I just think Webb is doing her so wrong.  A fella like me would love to have a woman like her..... definitely wifey material..... not a desparate, insecure, made up supermodel or groupie!

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