DMX transcript w/ Jay Leno 3/13

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Postby admin » Wed Mar 14, 2001 3:35 am

Jay wimped out and never asked about the jail sentence/assault...

>> jay: All righty, my next guest is a talented actor and rapper who has sold over 10 million albums worldwide. His new movie is called 'exit wounds.' It opens nationwide this friday. Please welcome dmx.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: It's like two bowling balls.Er ] how are you doing man?It's good to see you.

>> It's good to be here.

>> Jay: Congratulations on all i gotta ask you -- do i call you x? Do i call you dmx?>> X is good.

>> Jay: Oh, x is good, o the dmx come from? Is that a lame question?

>> No, a lot of people ask that. Dark man x.

>> Jay: Dark man x? Well, that makes sense. Where did you grow up? I know you're from new york.

>> Yonkers.

>> Jay: Okay, you grew up in yonkers, okay. Big family, little family?

>> Five sters, no brothers.

>> Jay: Five sisters? Did you ever get the bathroom?

>> No.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: So, where do you fit in? I hope you didn't have to wear hand me downs. Man, that's a b**** .

[ Laughter ]

>> no, it wasn't that bad.

>> Jay: I don't know. I figure that's why you're a tough guy. You go out in that bra and pants thing, man, you're gonna get beat up every day. Set so what kind of things were you into as a kid?

>> Dogs.

>> Jay: Dogs?

>> Yeah, dogs. Cars.

>> Jay: Dogs and cars.

>> Bugs, insects.

>> Jay: Wait, back up -- okay, the dogs, I like -- the cars. The insects. Do you collect insects?

>> No, i used to play with them.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: 'Cause they were in the house anyway?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I see. Now, how did your sisters react to that?

>> They were scared of them.We got these really big c*** roaches -- about two inches. They would fly, you know -- I would smack them out of the air and chase them all over the house with it.

>> Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ] so you were a good brother, really.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: That's nice. So were you into musicittle kid or did this come later?

>> I liked music.

>> Jay: Did you write songs a child?

>> No, i didn't write any songs?

>> Jay: Nothing? You didn't write any songs?

>> No, i didn't write any songs at all.

>> Jay: Not one song?

>> I used to think a log about, you know, would I ever become a recording artist, you know, what would i sing? Things like that.

>> Jay: About? As a kid, what did you think you would write abouit looks like you're holding back. It looks like you got something and you don't want to tell me what it is.

>> I don't know.

>> Jay: There's something you're embarrassed to tell me.

>> There was a song -- I was about maybe 7 years old or 8 years old. 'Meatballs and spaghetti you know.

>> Jay: 'Meatballs and spaghetti'? So, it's a fine italian song.

[ Laughter ] how did 'meatballs and spaghetti' go?

Meatballs and spaghetti meat balls and spaghetti meatballs and -- something like that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: And what was the name of the song again?

[ Laughter ] so when did you first perform as for an audience? Did you do it as a little kid? Were you, like, already an adult?

>> Yeah, i was about, maybe, 19. At yonkers.

>> Jay: Yonkers? Okay.

>> Yeah, at a high school. This is a time the leaders of the new school, they just came out. You know, busta rhymes -- you know, he had a group back then. It just came out, so we were on the same bill. And I did my thing.

>> Jay: So, you were on the bill -- that's like a big show -- I mean, that's like a big leap. Is that the first gig you got paid for?

>> Yeah. I didn't get paid anywhere near what i was supposed to be paid for that. You know, I got a little something. And at 19, you know, a couple a hundred dollars ain't bad.

>> Jay: Yeah, that's great. Yeah. So when did you start rapping?

>> 13, 1984.

>> Jay: You moved on from the meatballs.

>> I used to do the beat box.

>> Jay: The beat box?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Now, how does that -- for people who don't know.

>> That's where you make music with your mouth, do the beat with your mouth. That type of thing. You know, doug e. Fresh, the fat boys. They all did that.

>> Jay: Can you do like a little demo? Or is that, like, embarrassing?

>> One demo is enough.

>> Jay: One demo is enough. Because the meatball and spaghetti thing was very good.

[ Laughter ] okay, you liked dogs as a kid. Have you got dogs now. Do you have a dog now?

>> Yes, I have 30 of 'em.

>> Jay: You've got 30 dogs. Now, the people that live downstairs, they don't mind that? 30 dogs --

>> no one lives down stairs.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: Wait a minute. Wait, wait -- 30 dogs? Are you a sheepherder?

>> I just like them. You know, and a couple of times -- see I have my first two, bobby and bandit.

>> Jay: Bobby and

>> yeah, those are my first two. For some reason, they managed to meet up when bobby was in heat.

>> Jay: Right.

>> You know, they done this three times already.

>> Jay: Hence, 30 dogs.

>> Yeah, i'm stuck with all the puppies.

>> Jay: So bobby and bandit are dogs one and two. Who are dogs 17 and 18? Do you know all their names?

>> No. I'd say about 20 of them's name are dog.

>> Jay: Just dog, okay.

[ Laughter ] let's say --

[ applause ] like, if i come to your house, I ring the doorbell. Is it like that scene in 'the omen'? You know, where the dogs all -- do they all go nuts?

>> What do you call it? The chime clocks.

>> Jay: The bird clock things.

>> Yeah, it's like that with dogs. The puppies, the middle ones -- they start off in the basement

[ makes barking noise ] and the whole house, you know.

>> Jay: It sounds wonderful.

>> You should name the next one

[ laughter ]

>> freak 'em out.

>> Yeah, just to freak 'em out.

>> Jay: Tell me about 'exit wounds.' Who do you play? Are you the bad guy? Are you a cop? What are you?

>> Well, i can't really say whether I'm a bad guy or a good guy, you know, 'cause that would be giving it away. But I'm a computer wiz, you know, who has to do certain things to help my little brother who's caught up.

>> Jay: What was it like working with segal? How was that?

>> It was a pleasure. It was a pleasure. Yes, he's a good guy.

>> Jay: Do you think you can take him?

>> Nah.

[ Laughter ] about ten years.

>> Jay: Oh, ten years? A little confrontational? You kind of size him up? Now, what's the clip? What's this clip we're going to see?

>> Okay, this is where i'm making a deal with a cop.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> And segal busts in. And neither one of us want to get caught, so we pretty much have to put 'em down.

>> Jay: Take a look. A scene from 'exit

>> satisfied?

>> How much?

>> $125.Ere, a cut there. You'll double your money easily. Quickest quarter m ever make.

>> I need major weight. I need it yesterday. I don't want to see anymore after this.

>> Why don't you give me a ballpark figure?

>> Anywhere in seven figures.

>> Yo, it's a set-up! Get out!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> jay: Yeah! Nice to see you.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Will you come back and see us again?

>> Yes, thank you very much.

>> Jay: Pleasure to meet you. Dmx! We'll be right back with los super seven, right after this.

[ Applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

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