Eminem Up For Viewer's Choice Award

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Postby shadysweetie » Fri Aug 16, 2002 11:25 pm

yo all the eminem fans we need to rally together and vote for eminem for the MTV viewers choice award he's been nominated twice in this category and lost twice to some stupid boy bands(i.e. bsb,nsync) we can't have a three-peat of that so far he's second to b2k. there you go another boyband. I aint forcing ya'll to vote but look @ the nominees who do ya'll really want to see win that award.

Nominees for the 2002 Viewers choice award ;

Brandy- what about us

Michelle branch- some song

Enrique Iglesias-Hero

b2k- uh huh

EMINEM- without me

P.O.D.- Alive

now come on we all know who we want to win so all you got to do is vote over @ mtv.com you could vote numerous amounts of times so lets put that award in the hands of what the viewers want and the viewer's want EMINEM !!!!!!!!!

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