Suge Knight, Juz Wantz 2b In D Spot Light.....

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Postby S L I M M Y » Tue Oct 01, 2002 1:21 am

Suge: How could Dre can make a song dissing Jemaine Dupri with a white boy? I ain't no racist motherf***er, but he ain't fit to get in our game and talk about our people. This motherf***er talked about Puffy, now Jermaine Dupri, Will Smith and he's doing it with a nigga, that ain't paid enough dues. I don't give a f*** how much you wanna act black, "Boy you ain't no nigga" People need to listen what he says, the motherf***er sounds like he Elvis. He's the first whiteboy to make more money off black people than Elvis.

yeayea, mothaf ucker, itz been a while hez been on d spotlight, so hez like mayb if i diss dre/em they'll respond back and ill b all ova tv and magz n songz n shi-it

who knowz, i hope my boyz respond back 2 dis fu-cker,
we gon sho em how 2do dis

wha do ya guyz think?
- slimmy

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