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Eminem crew uses Washington Township home to film rapper for video.
Charles and Susan McKinley awoke Tuesday morning to see a parade of
large trucks, motor homes and a small army of production workers
outside of their home in northern Macomb County. It was all part of
a video shoot for a song by rap star Eminem, which will part of the
soundtrack for his upcoming movie "8 Mile." The filming took place at
the home of a neighbor of the McKinleys. "We don't mind at all," said
Susan McKinley, a 15-year resident of West Road in Washington
Township near 26 Mile and Mound. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime
experience." The
New York-based production company took over the home of Gary
an electrical contractor who lives there with his wife and five

Eminem -- also known as Marshall Mathers of Clinton Township --
much of the eight hours relaxing in a motor home with his buddies
taping a few minutes here and there while the crew set up its shots.
Workers set up monitors, video cameras, story boards and other
on the grounds of the 15,000-square-foot home. They also brought
security people, a cleanup crew and chef, who set up a food area in
back yard, offering portabella mushrooms and Italian chicken dishes.
Tenaglias' house -- valued at $1.8 million, according to township
records -- was selected by the production staff for its dramatic
which includes a decorative fountain. Real estate agent Tom
Zibkowski, a
friend of Tenaglia, was asked by the crew to scope out three homes in
area for potential inclusion in the video.

Zibkowski is known for matching
local celebrities and athletes with property. "(Producers) really
liked this
home because it has a dramatic entrance," said Zibkowski,
adding "this
assignment was one of the more fun ones I've worked on in my
career." "8 Mile"
tells the story of Jimmy "Bunny Rabbit" Smith played by Eminem, an
rapper who lives in a trailer park with his mother, played by Kim
Filmed entirely in Detroit, Highland Park and Warren, the film
received rave
reviews during its first public screening at the Toronto Film
earlier this month. It is scheduled to be released Nov. 8. In the
shot in Washington Township, "Jimmy Smith" comes home to visit his
who no longer recognizes him. Eminem drove a sports utility vehicle --
the Michigan license plate of "8 Mile" on back -- up and down the
several times before the director was happy with the shot.

Crews were also
filming in Warren and Detroit, including one shot under the
Ambassador Bridge,
according to a production source. Then the action moved into the
house, said
Gary Tenaglia. Wearing a red warmup jacket and blue sweat pants with
a white
stripe, Eminem was constantly flanked by three beefy security guards.
But when
the project was completed, he took time to meet with the Tenaglia
children --
Carmen, Madison, Joseph, Fabio and Tristin, along with their mother,
Kathy. He
signed some autographs and left behind some memorabilia for the kids.
The kids
were allowed to tell some of their friends of the video shoot in
advance. Their
parents let them stay home from school to watch the event. "It was
nice to be
able to tell people Eminem was coming to my house," said Carmen, 15,
a student
at Romeo High School. "He's a pretty cool guy." The Tenaglias
received a
"pretty generous" compensation package of cash and invitations to
concerts, said Gary Tenaglia."These people have been extremely
Tenaglia said. "They've kept their word on everything. They went
above the
call of duty." As much fun as it was to have a celebrity in their
home for
eight hours, the family was happy to see the crews pack up and
leave."It's been
a long day," Gary Tenaglia said Tuesday night. "It's been like going
to Cedar
Point after you're all done with the rides and you want to go home."

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