The Sun On Eminem -wtf?

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Postby It-Aint-True » Fri Nov 01, 2002 2:26 pm

WTF is up with the Star anyway? I think they're just into getting hits with whatever crap they can come up with. First with Em getting with Kim, which I think is bogus, and now about him being difficult on the set. I dunno why, but that's hard to believe. First off, here are what real insiders said,
and they weren't too wussy not to give their names. They were honest about it and weren't afraid to give names and stuff.

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The director said it was great working with EMinem in a lot of interviews, and these interviews were done by real poeple who gave names, unlike some no-name no-fame tabloid.

The Star's been making up a lot of arse sh*t lately though... I read someplace they had to send an apology to this one model for saying she'd been sleeping around when it wasn't true, and then another apology to someone else (didn't really pay attention to it until now).

If Eminem was really that f*cked up during the filming, why didn't it show up in any reliable interviews or film sources? The STar, I lost all respect in you. I used to read you, but now you're turning into a greedy magazine that just wants hits from people on the web.

I was already turned off by The Star when they made up a lot of annoying rumors about The Corrs, including that one of the singers was having an affair with U2's Bono (uhhhhh.... no!) and The Star even cited LOTS of sources and crap, and it was still made up and they had to make a formal apology. I still trusted The STar though, and now I see that they're really becoming losers.


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