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Postby It-Aint-True » Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:16 pm

Being a Film Critic at a site, I have written out a review and I might as well post it here.

This movie gets 4 stars out of 5 from me!

Here is a commentary, in points:


The storyline is great, there are a few loopholes though, that could have been avoided. Rabbit's pregnant Ex-Girlfriend is never truly explained and whether she was lying about being pregnant or not. And Rabbit's little sister seemed to have no point in the movie other then to show how sensitive Rabbit is.


I'll be very honest; a swearword between every other word is a good way to describe this movie. Don't think this would disturb your kids though, in school I hear more swearing then I could ever hear in this movie. In fact, not even Eminem songs have as many bad words as I hear in school. So, to be honest, the dialouge is simply free and true to the ghetto thug image it portrays, and it's believable. (If you're mad, nobody says, " Oh, oh I'm so terribly angry, it's like a pulsating wave!" you say "F***!F****!S***!DA**!")


I was amazed that Eminem could act as well as he did. I did read critic's reviews and they basically all worshipped his actorability, but I didn't really buy it until I saw it myself. He is really convincing, and in fact he moved the entire audience into raucous applause, then into a passionate silence, into uprorious laughter, and then into a painful, near-tears bleary quiet. Everyone else was very good, too, Brittany Murphy pulled off her role as a life-worn slut very well.


The camera angles were all perfect. The dramatic lighting was perfect in each scene. Every shadow and crease you see on the actor's face seems to pulsate with meaing. It all comes down to a director's perfection; Curtis Hanson accentated every single shot to portray the emotion that seethed through it to an "A".


The violence and the drugs in the movie were tolerable. The boys enjoy some weed but Rabbit - the responsible driver - won't take any (good for him...). There were fight scenes, but you didn't literally see blood gush everywhere and pain and suffering on the screen. In fact, the violence was very minimized and entirely appropriate. There is also smoking from time to time, but it's not too awful. Oh and beer - heck, everyone drinks beer. If your kids have never seen a beer before, you must be a super religious hermit.


There is a sex scene, but it's not grotesque. I usually dislike the sex scenes in movies because its just done so unromantically and so grotesquely, and usually they are done to glorify the act. In the movie, the sex is very brief and very un-cool to watch, it doesn't glorify, it almost silently condemns it, from what I saw. There's not much other romance afterwards... and in the scene, all you see is a flash of the girl's stomach, a bit of her thigh, a lacy black bra (and breasts contained inside, not lopping out)... and you see the guy's knees from beneath his very long baggy sweatshirt. Kids under 8 would probably watch and just wonder why the man was leaning against the lady and "hurting" her. Most of the scene concentrated on their faces, so it really just looked like they were standing together. Just sound effects. I think it wasn't bad at all.


The ending didn't really satisfy me. It transformed the story into a loop - it ends with Rabbit walking silently down an alley with his fingers raised in the peace sign - and then very near the beginning he, of course, does the same thing. Though it gives the profound suggestion that Rabbit will not get out of his rut, and simply live this circle of trying to get "up there" in the rap game and then falling again as life disappoints him, I think they could have explained some more. For instance, at least show a black screen that hints about the pregnant ex-girlfriend and his future as a white rapper.


The movie is probably okay for 12 and up, I think that it should have been PG-13 if not for the swearing. And I remember that when I was 12 and I saw all this swearing at school it didn't faze me. If your kids have any moral sense they won't walk away eager to procreate and swear and beat people up. If the movie does anything, it might promote your kids into liking Eminem's music (my parents are fine with me, at 15, of listening to Eminem. In fact, my mom listens to it regularily).

The sex is comparable to the scenes in Titanic, except with even less nudity. And the cigarettes and beer appear about as much as you would see out on the street in the ghetto; which isn't that terrible.

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Fri Dec 06, 2002 5:15 pm

I got told it wasnt that good

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Postby madhavi » Sun Dec 08, 2002 2:12 pm

I found 8 mile to be an amazing movie! Eminem definetly did a good job! also the others actors did to! My favorite parts of the movie would definetly be the battles! they we done very well!


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Postby Mark#2 » Tue Dec 10, 2002 9:31 pm

:blink: come on.. yall people are supposed to persaude me to go see the movie.. come on.. right now you make the movie sound like sh**..

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Postby hi_there_mate » Sun Dec 15, 2002 5:14 pm

hi there i aint seen the movie yet as it dont cum out till next yr here so im really looking forward to se it wen it does cum out!

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