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Postby goshawty » Sat May 03, 2003 1:07 am

I was browsing through and there's this book called "Cleaning Out My Closet", written by one of Em's childhood friend with inputs on Em's personal life, basically bashing Kim.Here's what somebody who bought the book had to say about it:

"Where to begin? First and foremost the english usage in this book is horrendous. Is this book interesting? Well, that all depends on how one would define "interesting". If women who use abortions as birth control, and mothers who like to party, and use illegal drugs sound cool, then yes, you will find this book interesting. Give me a break! I will give J.R. some credibility though, at least she had enough balls to tell the world what a... bag, alcoholic Em's ex-wife is. I don't understand the whole concept of telling an entire population of avid readers about yourself doing drugs, for your kids to read? Yes, sadly they will eventually, thus perpetuating the nasty, evil cycle all over again. Supermom, I think not, unless acting like a repressed, drug loving adolescent is cool to your prepubescent children. The moral of the story, sad, but true Marshall needs to leave Kim alone, I will agree with the author on that point. If even half of the stories about Kim are true, no, I take that back, even one, what ... is he doing? There are far better women out there. Women who don't come onto anything that even looks like a man. I understand where the thought process was going, although I am somewhat jaded at how I look at Eminem, I just don't understand why one person would tolerate the behavior of someone who is close to you, why even be close to anyone if your choice was Kim? Overall, worth taking a look at, if for nothing else to remind yourself how sane, normal, respectable, you actually are."

Sounds quite interesting to me.Does anybody have this book?? Is it really worth buying??

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Postby sblw69 » Mon May 12, 2003 5:27 pm

I have the book and I think that it's worth the money. I mean The book does not only bash Kim but it talks about the whole family. It is VERY ENTERTAINING!! It WON'T change how you feel about Em becuse all it really does is show you that people have problems no matter how famous they are but if you realize that Em, Kim and everyone else is HUMAN then you won't read the book and be like OH MY GOD!!

Honestly, I know people with ALOT more messd up lives than theirs. So if you want some Entertainment then get the book. B)


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Postby Lucy4Lance » Sat May 17, 2003 8:41 am

yeah i heard about it 2

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