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Postby Soul_Rebel » Wed Jul 23, 2003 1:48 pm

I am a huge fan of em and recently heard his first album infinite which he recorded in 96, you can't buy it anymore but if you are a true em fan you should try and get it, it's class. It is weird listerning to it coz he is only about 21 and he rapping about his daugher on the way, how he would like to get married and become a millionare all which he did... this guys knew where he was going and no-one was gonna stop him, it's funny how things work out. It doesn't really sound like the em we all know and love the rhymes are pretty simple and the beats circa mid 90s so its got a tribe called quest feel but it is really really good. If anyones listerned to it tell me what u think. Peace

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Postby madhavi » Wed Jul 23, 2003 8:07 pm

Nice album...dont have the real thing yet myself hopeing to hook up with one soon...personally one of my favorites...good lyrics sweet beats for an upcoming underground artist

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Postby patrick_star* » Thu Jul 24, 2003 12:57 am

yea I was thinkin about getting that on ebay but I need to get some money 1st plus I have some neg. feedback

Infinit has a 90's kinda feel to I like that i.e Biggie I think that was the best rap during the 90's. some of the best :)

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Postby JustinT4ever » Fri Oct 31, 2003 7:53 pm

that's album ieird cause that his first album!!!

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