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Postby JChew » Mon Jul 28, 2003 10:43 am

Hey, I came across this kickass site -- http://www.soulkool.com. sample hot tracks from different artists -- like Joe Budden, Young Dre, and other stuff (all kinds of different types of music) and if you dig what you hear you can sign up to help promote and get free isht easily! It also includes movies, videogames, clothing companies, etc... And for all those who are into the cyber chat thing, there's also a 3-d virtual chat thing goin on with video, pics, and everything so you can peep who you're talkin to. Check it out! http://www.soulkool.com.
I've never seen a website like it, but if anyone knows of other ones, post'em, i'd like to check them out!

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