word is that they found em's notebook.

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word is that they found em's notebook.

Postby kittie100 » Fri Nov 03, 2000 9:54 pm

word is that they found em's notebook. some guy found it in the bathroom and he said that all of em's stuff (cd players, cds, etc.) someone took but they left the notebook in the bathroom. they guy also said that on the notebook cover was a pic of britney spears but that there was a moustache drawn on it. i guess em did it =P this guy kills me. anyway, the peeps at interscope are meeting him to make sure the book is legit.

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Postby sassybaby » Thu Nov 09, 2000 3:25 pm

I heard that Eminem had a cash reward and a chance to meet him. To bad I didn't find the book.

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