Anybody know anything about this?

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Postby bebeboo » Wed Nov 01, 2000 10:55 pm

got this from an email:
Apparently, the real reason why eminem is getting a divorce from kim, is to be with a girl he got pregnant and had a baby by about 2 years ago, here's the scoop, before eminem had got all hug and popular, there was a young lady he'd been seeing up in Flint,Michigan, apparently, When he told Kim that he'd signed a deal with the Dr. Dre she told him either you can stop seeing the girl he'd been seeing, or you can stop seeing Hallie Jade, so of course he stiopped seeing the girl, but she didn't tell him that she was pregnant with his child, so he end up marrying Kim, now this girl even when he blew up and got all of this money that he's making now never went to the tabloids, and said not one thing about her baby with eminem, but soon he found out that the girl had had his child, and that she'd moved to Chicago so he tracked her down while he was up there, and he seen that the girl had had a boy, he was so amazed that the girl had never said one thing about there child, to him or to his friends, she'd confided all of this to her mother, and she moved believing that she'd never see him again, but that all changed when he'd seen his baby, and the girl that he truly loved, the one that stood by him when he didn't have a dolla to his name, she even gave him money to give to Kim when he was out of work to support Hallie and buy her things, so he'd still be able to come around and see her, Now that eminem has found this young lady, he promised her that everything would be different, he'd never say one derragatory thing about her, because he loves her and wants her to be his wife, he reassured her that he was sorry and that he'd never leave her again.........I think this is a urban love story, i'm happy that eminem realized that his one true love would never sell him out for a lozy buck, and that he could always depend on her to there for him, some of ya'll might think differently, but i think he can finally be happy and have someone by his side that he can depend on but that's just me.....

May be crap, may not be, but like I said, got this in an email from someone who had connections.

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Postby micki » Fri Nov 03, 2000 11:24 am

that sounds way more believeable than the 15 year old hooker story

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