I almost saw eminem

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I almost saw eminem

Postby StorieTella » Wed Nov 01, 2000 10:12 am

I finally get to post a story about my encounter with a celebrity. I actually didn’t get to see Eminem, but I came seconds away from it. I work at the Westin Hotel on the weekends here in metro Detroit and the Anger Management tour came to Pontiac on Sunday. George W. Bush was there the day before, had all floors 11 and 12 blocked, so the weekend already was chaotic for me.

Anyhow, my boss got stuck working the front desk and I was working the switchboards. One of these dudes on the 9th floor kept bugging me. He wanted his room cleaned, he wanted this, he wanted that. My boss called back and told another operator that Slim Shady was coming out of his room and that he was giving her tickets for the show. I jumped up and gleamed. “Did he come out yet!� I yelled to the girl who my boss was talking to. “No. Go out there and get his autograph!� I’m like “Cool because my brother loves him!� So I go to the front desk and my boss pointed me to his white stretched limo. I’m like “cool.� But then my boss was like, “go back and I’ll call you when he comes downstairs.� I felt kind of leery because I was afraid that she wouldn’t call me in time.

Anyway, my instincts were right. I missed him. He wasn’t even in his room. Apparently, a black town car took him somewhere (we assumed for breakfast) and the limo was waiting for him, thinking he was in his hotel. So my boss saw him switch rides. Bummer. But while I was taking to one of the bellmen (an Eminem groupie), Em called him on his cell and told him “nice lookin’ out,� whatever the hell that meant. So I’m assuming this was a covert operation and that he made it seem like he was staying at the Westin but he instead stayed somewhere else. Confusing huh? Oh yeah…that guy on the 9th floor? That was Xzibit. One thing about him and his road dogs, they might can manage anger, but they can’t manage money. The record label gives them an allowance to spend on tour and they blew it when they toured in Canada. So when they came here to Michigan, they ordered all of this food. And if you ever ate at a hotel, it ain’t cheep. Needless to say, Xzibit and friends didn’t eat!

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