Barry Williams 'The Real Slim Shady'

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Barry Williams 'The Real Slim Shady'

Postby admin » Wed Dec 06, 2000 1:35 am

Ladies and gentlemen,
the hard-hitting, explosive,
censor-challenging barry
williams, or as you know him
better, greg brady.
>> may i have your attention
Marcia, mar sharks marcia.
>> I repeat, may have have
attention please, will the real
greg brady stand up.
>> That's me.
You act like you've never seen a
real brady before.
Polyester, here is a story of
a guy me we were that real
'that '70's show' a.K.A.'S
coming out the wazoo, so much
fun making that show for you
telling you who was dating who,
cindy had a list, i'm sick of
him, walking around, surfing and
wiping out.
>> He is cute though.
>> Now the name can only go so.
I'm doing stu new.
if ywww.Kcpq.Com>[t:S][n: ][E:20100101][v:Web][583b]
shut up, please shut up, please
i'm greg brady, so ain't
greg brady, please shut up,
please grow up.
I'm greg brady, is real greg
brady, so if you ain't greg
brady, please shut up, please
shut up, please shut up.
I'm the real greg brady, i grew
up, i grew up, please shut up
>> give it up for barry
Everybody, barry williams.
>> Thank you.
>> Whoo!
>> Kathy, if you ever get other
your adolescent crush on lance,
I'd like you to have the key to
my heart.
>> I don't know, barry, you are
a little street for me.
See you later with this.

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