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Postby sassybaby » Fri Dec 08, 2000 4:27 pm

Oh my god. How F*cked are you? Why the hell would you think Eminem joined ur site! Any one thats messed in the head would believe Eminem actually ment that stuff. What did u get beaten and think it's right for other girls to. No one in there right mind would go to your site and want to join it. I hope you get b*tched around the next time your in another abusive relationship. Sorry administrator for saying this stuff.. but that site is really disturbing. And for a girl that MADE the site, thats even MORE disturbing.

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Postby Anthony A » Sun Dec 17, 2000 1:30 am

You are own sick ass son of a b**** !

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Postby Rashedah » Sun Dec 17, 2000 11:15 am

Sorry Jeff I Just had to visit her site she's a sick a** B*tch.

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