jennifer interview

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jennifer interview

Postby JaDe » Sun Dec 17, 2000 1:01 pm


NDSS: ...Would you be willing to answer a few questions?

Jennifer: Well...ok. But I can refuse to answer certain questions right?

NDSS: Certainly.

Jennifer: I guess I can answer a few.

NDSS: Well, thank you. First off, how long have you known her?

Jennifer: A little over a year

NDSS: And you're a close friend, correct?

Jennifer: Yes.

NDSS: How would you describe her to someone that didn't know her?

Jennifer: She's a great friend. Really compassionate and thoughtful. She has a great sense of humor. She's pretty smart about a lot of things. That's hard to answer. You either come off sounding like you're describing a saint or your girlfriend or something. She's a great friend. Someone you can turn to when you need her and who's willing to listen even when it's just something stupid.

NDSS: I'm sure she has mentioned to you at all why she stopped writing, as well as performing. Any specific reasons?

Jennifer: She's done a lot of growing up. Her outlook on things has changed, as well as her focus on life. I guess you can say her priorities are different from what they were. She's more focused on having fun and enjoying life than she is on performing.

NDSS: So she had lost interest in it?

Jennifer: I wouldn't say that. She still enjoys writing and singing. Just not professionally. She's decided to do other things with her life.

NDSS: Such as?

Jennifer: Well, your site is on that side of her. Which is something she's not doing anymore. What she's doing now isn't relevant. She's living her personal life, on her own terms. In private.

NDSS: That's good. Too many rumors have circulated about her. Such as her having a rival named Jade...

Jennifer: From what I understand she did perform in some of the same shows with someone named Jade. But they were simply singing the same type of music. She wasn't out to start some kind of rivalry. She was simply doing something she enjoyed. As far as rumors, those tend to spring up around anyone. No matter what it is they do for a living...or for fun.

NDSS: Generally, how were her past boyfriends? Did they have an impact on her music at all?

Jennifer: I don't see where anyone she has dated has any bearing on her performing. Or that they have anything to do with your site. That's her personal life and one of the reasons she 'retired' was to make those things private. As they should be.

NDSS: I realize that. What I meant was, did any of her songs come about because of a relationship generally?

Jennifer: She wrote her songs based on things she'd seen, heard, thought of and experienced. As all song writers do.

NDSS: It's hard for an artist, certainly an independant one, to go through such difficulty and rumors about her personal life. Did it show in her music?

Jennifer: I'm sure all of her life experiences, be it that or simply growing up showed.

NDSS: Why doesn't she go by her alias, 'Peaches,' anymore?

Jennifer: It was a nickname. Some of us still call her that, among other nicknames we have for her.

NDSS: Despite the fact that she has tried to stay in the dark for a while, she still has her site and she has changed everything from 'Peaches' to Nancimarie, her real name. She has even updated her site frequently. Will she be making a comeback anytime soon? Did you know why she had decided to go by her real name, finally?

Jennifer: I don't believe so. As I'm sure she's told you. She's got other things going on in her life, among those other goals. That would really be up to her to answer. But as far as I know? She's taken herself out of the public eye, so she's using her real name as most other people do.

NDSS: People have linked her with a real badboy in Eminem. Do you know why she has? It's kind of ironic that people have linked him with such an artist like her. Is it true?

Jennifer: People love gossip. Plain and simple. And it's always fun to read some outrageous rumor about celebrities. This one has caused Nancimarie so many headaches it isn't even funny anymore. She's 16, she's finishing up her school work and planning for her future. And she's not dating anyone. She simply doesn't have time.
The truth is often what people perceive it to be. The 'truth' spread around my high school about me, and it was false. The juicier the better. It's what high schools live on. It's the way things have always been. But your perceived truth may not be the factual truth. As is what happened in this case. The rumors are false. She is not dating Eminem. She's not dating anyone. If she was? I'd be one of the first to know. The rumors about she and Eminem are really bothering her.

NDSS: My friend speaks to her mother a lot. Cause her mom works at the school Nancie used to go to.

Jennifer: Her mother is a really nice woman.

NDSS: I've heard she's a doll.

Jennifer: She is. She's very funny too.

NDSS: I haven't spoken to her so I wouldn't know.

Jennifer: Were there any other questions you had about her? Maybe more personality wise and less relationship?

NDSS: Whats her worst quality?

Jennifer: She's too nice. Which doesn't necessarily sound bad? But when there are people attacking her for rumors and she's extra polite instead of defending herself? She often ends up getting her feelings hurt for it. It's a great quality, but sometimes it hurts her. She's also very stubborn sometimes. [laughs]

NDSS: If I have any other questions, may I contact you?

Jennifer: Sure. Anytime.

NDSS: Well this concludes our interview. Thanks for being a great sport and taking out time to answer my questions

Jennifer: No problem

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Postby admin » Sun Dec 17, 2000 1:52 pm

I'm guessing the article is fake. Whenever I see these articles on that free site, there isn't any links available and it's never on the source site, whoever NDSS is.

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Postby JaDe » Sun Dec 17, 2000 2:17 pm

naaah its not. the site did an interview with peach's friend mrsxanderh.
its not from a publishing, but its not fake.

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Postby Shorty » Sun Dec 17, 2000 2:32 pm

While I thank Jade for speaking for me, I can do that perfectly well for myself. I'm the Jennifer from the article. I don't appreciate my email address being posted without my permission, thank you very much. It was not posted in that interview for a reason. As was the notice that the article was not to be reprinted without permission. And I can only guess that you did not have the webmasters, nor mine. I would also like to know how you got my email address since I have not posted on this subject before. It might be wise from now on to simply put the link to the article, instead of copying it. The interview is not fake. It wasn't in any publication, it was given in an instant message with the webmaster yesterday afternoon. I'm a friend of Peaches, and when the webmaster asked me to help clear up these rumors I was happy to agree. Nancimarie is not dating Eminem. And for those of you thinking it? I am not Nancimarie either. I'm Jennifer, I live in Ohio and I'm 22. If you don't believe it? Feel free to IM me at MrsXanderH. I am on AOL, as is Nancimarie. And we are often on at the same time.

And to Jade. Next time you decide to post someone's email address without their permission? You may take into account that it is not only rude, but an invasion of my privacy. I am not Nancimarie, I am her friend. And up until now I was not involved in this. There was no need to do so.

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Postby JaDe » Sun Dec 17, 2000 2:53 pm

im sorry. just wanted 2 prove it wasnt fake. i want this sh** to stop just as much as she does. I LOVE EM!

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