I got this from the Eminem.com forum

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I got this from the Eminem.com forum

Postby kittie100 » Sat Dec 23, 2000 11:10 pm

I got this from the Eminem.com forum. don't know the source but here it is:

Gorgeous singer Andera Corr has ditched her squeaky clean image by admitting that she would rather listen to bad boy rapper Eminem than any of today's pop acts.

The stunning ''Breathless'' singer thinks the controversial rapper is one of the most talented musicians of his time, and she hopes to work
with ''Stan'' star one day in the near future.
She says, ''I think he's great and so talented. I love the album, it's easily the best album of the year.
''I don't think children should be listening to it, but for people my age it is the album that sums up the state of world today.'' She adds,'' I know he's got his detractors but honestly I'd rather listen to him than most of today's pop music. I'd love to work with
him on a project some day.''
i never imagined someone from the 'corrs' liking Em--LOL~She's gorgeous...i bet Em wouldn't mind hearing a compliment coming from this girl's mouth

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