Eminem on TRL

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Eminem on TRL

Postby kittie100 » Sat Dec 30, 2000 6:30 pm

I don't normally watch TRL cuz the countdown is normally, in my opinion, pretty wack. but i saw the top 10 videos of the show today (TRL Top 40) cuz i knew that Em's video was gonna be up there.

i saw a clip of Eminem when he was at TRL and he was totally making fun of Britney's video (don't get me wrong--i think Britney is probably a very nice girl--she's better than Christina in my opinion). He was like dancing in a weird, feminine way, going sarcastically, 'ooh, you're from above, tearing me apart, oh, my heart!' i was laughing my ass off. i never saw that episode before. could someone fill me in on what happened when he visited the studio? i think it was in May when he was promoting his album. i know he also said something about his daughter not growing up to be a sissy or something. what happened throughout the episode? does anyone know?

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Postby SHADYCHICK01 » Sat Jan 06, 2001 3:59 pm

i agree with u i hate chritina auguilera because she is just a second trap form of britney that brtiney will never be christina is just another wanna be britney she sings ok i like one song but i like britney more alot more i think she rocks even know im not into pop but she is a really good singer and i know everything about her eminem is also a good singer only if he didnt get dissed by his mom because that kinda makes people think that hes a mommy's boy totally like 5 people in my class think that and there is also like alot of boys that think britney is hott i think she pretty

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