On his near ban from Canada

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Postby Helena » Sun Jan 07, 2001 3:13 am

I must say that when I turned on the news and heard my country might ban Em from coming to his concert this fall, I just laughed.

Granted his lyrics are bad but its about parental responsitiblity not artist responsitbility. As teenagers my parents closely watched what we listened to. They may seem strict but they liked to listen to what we listened to. If anything was fishy etc, we talked about it.

Reminded me of Madonna's near arrest in 1990 for stimulating sex on stage. What she did was against Canadian law and I am sorta in agreement with that.

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Postby sassybaby » Sun Jan 07, 2001 2:06 pm

Everybody who had tickets went to the concert anyways! lol and Em got in the country just fine. I think the first song he played was 'Kill you' and he dedicated it to that women who didn't like what he was saying and didn't want him in Canada. .. but I forget her name.

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